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Mo-Mo Training 2022

More than half a year later and 4 successful trainings where our member organisations exchanged experience and their knowledge on different topics, in order to build their capacities and increase their cooperation, it is time for a second round of MO-MO Training. 


MO-MO training is a series of webinars led by people from our Member Organizations, not in the traditional top-down approach. This means they are rather facilitated than created by FYEG. It aims to build the skills of MOs and increase international networking between them.

We kick-off this round of MO-MO training joining AlterCOP in Glasgow on 4th of November! Here we will discuss “Climate movement and how to move the topic from the agenda to actually changing the things going on”. This will be a space for our MOs to exchange their views and discuss different approaches for putting pressure on the governments to actually start working towards change. The training will be led by Les Jeunes Écologistes, Young Greens of Georgia and Joves Ecosocialistes.


In January 2022 we will talk about “Democratic facilitation and participation” where we will discuss the democratic structures of well-established organizations, and reflect on the importance of inclusive decision making.

More details and registration form will be shared soon.


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