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Meet the FYEG delegation at COP21!

Meet the FYEG delegation at COP21! For every Conference of the Parties (COP) on climate change, NGOs have the right to attend the negotiations as observers. This year, for the COP21, even though there was a massive drop down for NGO observers, the Federation of Young European Greens obtained the space for three young Green activists from all over Europe per week to actually observe, day after day, the on-going Climate negotiations from the inside.

For over two weeks, and along with other young greens, youth and civil society delegations from all over the world, they will do actions, bilateral exchanges with official negotiators, while also working with the media, writing articles and coordinating with FYEG’s spokesperons outside of the talks. The delegation will tweet at @InsideCOP together with the delegation of the French Young Greens, also check out #YoungGreens!

So who are these young people who don’t sleep, who dig into texts full of brackets and options, and who love the desperation of the bubble of the COPs? Here’s a short introduction... meet the FYEG delegation!

Anton is from Germany and FYEG’s UNFCCC-veteran who has attended lots of meetings since 2011 in Durban, South Africa. He studies political and sustainable human science in Lüneburg and since November this year he is the International Officer of Grüne Jugend. As co-coordinator of the delegation and member of FYEG’s Campaign Team he will not only focus on the negotiations, but also work on connections with other NGOs. He will especially follow the discussions on the legal nature of the agreement, markets, mitigation, the long-term goal and human rights. You can contact him at @greenanton.

Cécile is the other co-coordinator of the delegation. She is from France and has been involved with the FYEG for a couple of years. Her first experience within the FYEG was the Energy and Climate Change campaign training in Vienna in 2013. She was at the COP19 seminar in Warsaw and member of the delegation in Bonn last year. She is studying sustainability with a social science perspective in a double-degree program between France (Lille) and Germany (Münster). She is also engaged with Alternatiba, a European grassroots movement fighting for climate justice by advocating and promoting local alternatives. You can contact her at @CecileM59 or cecile.m59@free.fr.

Anna is currently living in Brussels where she works in energy research and innovation at the Commission after having graduated from a degree in environmental policy. She chairs the International Committee of the Young Greens of Sweden and spends as much time as she can in the (oh so rare) sunshine. She has been a part of the green movement for about eight years, always having climate as her core priority. Since December last year she is a member of the FYEG Climate Campaign team where she is responsible for visual design and communication. Other than that she really likes reading about climate change adaptation, taking pictures and listening to Glenn Miller. You can contact her at @a_tranberg or a.tranberg@live.se.

Maria is a 24 year old climate geek. Her educational background is in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing. She is a member and representative of The Young Cyprus Greens at FYEG for the last three years. She really engages with Climate Change and Climate Justice Issues, with main focus on Technology and Sustainable Development. She is also an active member on the FYEG Climate Change and Energy Working Group for 2 years, where she was one of the coordinators last year. Within these channels she has followed the Climate Talks since COP19 in Warsaw, where she was a participant at the parallel workshop of FYEG. This year is her second year as an FYEG delegate at the UNFCCC and she is also going to be in the team for COP21 in Paris in December. You can contact her at @filosofoui or kola.maria10@gmail.com.

Max is from the UK/France. He is involved in Climate/Energy Policy and Loss & Damage. He is a member of les Jeunes Ecologistes and a member of the FYEG Climate Team. He has been involved in the climate field for 5 years and now works with Doctors without Borders (MSF) as a Field Administrator. You can contact him at @maximilien_gw or maximiliengw@gmail.com.


At any moment, you can contact the delegation to ask your questions, meet them or talk with them by writing to their mailing list fyeg_cop-delegation-l@listen.jpberlin.de or by following them on Twitter. Of course don’t forget to also follow FYEG on Facebook and Twitter for updates about the negotiations and the Young Greens’ political presence there!