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Istanbul 2019: Results from FYEG General Assembly

ISTANBUL - The Federation of Young European Greens held its annual General Assembly (GA) this week, from the 14th to the 18th of August in Istanbul, Turkey. Hosted by the Turkish Young Greens, Genç Yeşiller, around 100 representatives of FYEG’s Member Organisations and other Green activists gathered to debate the political situation in Europe and make plans for the upcoming year. 

The GA elected an Executive Committee (EC) for 2019-20. Mina Tolu (Malta) and Antoine Tifine (France) were elected as Co-Spokespersons of the Federation. The other members of the EC are Treasurer Stefanie De Bock (Belgium), Nils Rübelmann (Germany), Mariam Vatsadze (Georgia), Kristy Louise Rhades (Germany), Chrystalla Demosthenous (Cyprus), Eleanor Morrissey (UK). Özgecan Kara (Turkey) was elected unanimously as Secretary General. The Executive Committee, the Secretary General and the FYEG staff will implement an ambitious and thrilling Activity Plan adopted by the GA. During the upcoming year, FYEG will focus its political work and activities on four priorities - climate, social justice, democracy, and a welcoming and inclusive Europe. FYEG also welcomes two new Candidate Member Organisations, MIL (Azerbaijan) and Protest! (Latvia).

The GA adopted a number of policy papers, including on the climate emergency, insular countries, territories and regions in Europe and the future of Young Greens in the Green movement. 

After a year marked by both the massive mobilisation of young people for climate and a Green wave in elections across Europe, FYEG held a Summer Conference. This conference brought together prominent activists, academics, journalists and politicians to discuss and debate the climate emergency. 

FYEG will continue building a Green Europe on a solid basis set up by the outgoing Executive Committee and Secretary General. The new team looks forward to another amazing year with FYEG’s Member Organisations and their activists all over Europe. The struggles ahead are big and FYEG is ready to take them on.

The Federation of Young European Greens is the European umbrella organisation for Young Green organisations from all over the continent, from Georgia to Ireland and from Cyprus to Norway. Our 35 member organisations comprise various backgrounds: local ecological groups, student unions, youth wings of Green parties and Green Youth NGOs. FYEG is the independent, official youth wing of the European Green Party (EGP).