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Hey EP, intersex children are beautiful as they are!

Today, on Valentine’s Day 2019, the European Parliament is voting on the first-ever resolution on the human rights of intersex people.

In many places in Europe intersex children undergo forced non-consensual surgeries in efforts to ‘normalise’ their genitals, often for societal or cosmetic reasons. These interventions are rarely vital for the health of the child and are performed on children who are too young to consent at the time of surgery. All the while the parents of intersex children are often not given adequate information to make  informed decisions about what is best for their children. Forced sex normalising surgeries performed without informed consent present a violation  of intersex children's human rights, including most intimate aspects of their privacy

As FYEG, we support intersex people in their struggle for recognition, dignity and rights. We commit to keep fighting for a Europe where everyone can be free and safe regardless of their gender or other characteristics. 

By adopting this crucial resolution today, the Parliament would take a great step towards a safer and better Europe for intersex children.  

On this Valentine's Day, we’re calling upon all MEPs to show their love for intersex people and vote in favor of this crucial motion!

Read the resolution here 

Follow live stream of the plenary here