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#FYEG30 Utrecht: FYEG’s future is feminist!

Between May 9 and 12, 2018, the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) gathered for its annual General Assembly (GA) and a parallel Spring Conference, this time celebrating the 30 years of the organization. Over 100 Young Greens gathered in Utrecht to discuss the future of the Green movement and celebrate FYEG coming to an adult’s age. This General Assembly was a truly historical moment for FYEG, in particular as for the first time ever two female Co-Spokespersons will be leading the organization in the year ahead of the European elections in 2019. 

“This General Assembly we took a big step forward as an organization. We found agreement on resolution on ending the occupation on Palestinian territories, and with two non-male Co-Spokespeople we can position FYEG at the political map as a progressive and feminist organization without any hesitation. FYEG has nowhere to grow but up and we couldn’t be more proud,” says Katri Ylinen, newly elected Co-Spokesperson. 

“We cannot stress enough how important it is for FYEG to have two female Co-Spokespersons today. The feminist movement is reaching a momentum worldwide. The international women’s rights day protests are growing more and more massive each year, and more people dare to break the silence. It is important that as youth organizations, we show the way for our parent parties and the Green movement. Having two female Co-Spokesperson is truly revolutionary and we want to encourage other organizations to follow our example,” continues Zuzana Pavelkova, newly elected Co-Spokesperson of FYEG.

Full agenda for the General Assembly

In addition to the two Co-Spokespersons, Katri Ylinen (ViNO) and Zuzana Pavelková (Mladí zelení), the GA elected a brand new Executive Committee. We congratulate Cansu Yetisgin (Genc Yesiller), Gergely Csaszar (Lehet Más a Jövő), Irene Vivas (Red Equo Joven), Anna Gümplová (Mladí zelení) and Sam Murray (Young Greens of England and Wales), for being elected EC-members, as well as Antoine Tifine (Les Jeunes Ecologistes) or being elected the treasurer. 

Next, we congratulate Alexia Delfosse (Les Jeunes Ecologistes), Jelena Aleksic (Zelena Omladina Srbije), Baris Coskun (Genc Yesiller), and David Henry (Scottish Young Greens) for being elected in the Ecosprinter Editorial Board and Laura Krenzke for being elected in  the Financial Control Committee.

 Besides the elections, the GA adopted two important resolutions on the right to health and the Israel-Palestine conflict, further sharpening the network’s political thinking and acting. The latter is a particularly important milestone for our movement, as it follows on years of challenging discussions within the organization. We thank all the delegates for their constructive attitude which is of great example on how our movement has grown in the past years. 

In addition to the resolutions, the GA adopted a new Strategic Plan, Activity Plan and a Campaign Plan for the European elections. Among the major changes for the coming year were the restructuring of the Working Groups and the establishment of a Feminist Committee. The delegates further stressed the wish to increase transparency and accountability of the network. The inputs from the GA will build the basis for the Executive Committee’s work next year.

Lastly, FYEG has grown this past year not only in terms of ideas but also in terms of its membership. We were glad to welcome representatives of Junge Grüne (Austria) at our GA in order to discuss the difficult situation their organization finds itself in. We will continue looking for ways for keeping up our relationships with Junge Grüne and other progressive, anti-fascists youth organization in Austria in one way or the other. In addition to that, we are very happy to welcome two new organization in our network - congratulations to Lehet Más a Jövő (Hungary) for their full membership and MIL network (Azerbaijan) who became observers.

 Happy 30th birthday, FYEG!

In addition to the GA, the Spring Conference gave us an opportunity to reflect on the past 30 years of our organization. We discussed the particular position of the Greens being a movement inside and outside of institutions, the processes of how are political discourses and identities created visually as well as through storytelling and acting, and reflected on the new utopias for Europe.  We laughed, danced, shared memories and shed tears. We want to give a special thanks to our alumnis and guests for visiting us and inspiring our member. Now we can start paving the way for the next 30 years to come - 30 years of European unity, hard battles to win, and grow up to be the most powerful and influential youth federation.

 We want to give a special thank to the outgoing Executive Committee, our wonderful  host organization DWARS and the FYEG Office for all their hard work and dedication. Thanks to your work, the passed week was a perfect mix of work and celebrations! 

 Towards kicking ass in 2019

Lastly, the General Assembly and Spring Conference were an important energizing moment for our Federation ahead of the European elections next year. Europe is at cross roads and we have one year to get us ready for what will be possibly one of most important elections in European history. The past week has demonstrated once again that we are a truly European movement with clear, progressive vision for the future of Europe. A Europe we want is sustainable, social, welcoming, inclusive and just. We want a Europe of solidarity with basic income, transnational lists and common age of candidacy at 16. 

 We will work hard to reach and assure young generation first- time-voters put their trust in the Green movement. We will put young people at the front of the Green movement, together with our parent parties, within the EU and in non-EU member organisations alike. Because the Europe we want is one where young people are not only "the future" but one where they get to shape and decide the present. 

 We cannot wait to get started and fight for a more feminist, more progressive, and of course more Greener Europe!