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FYEG nominates Ska Keller for the Green Primary Elections

The Federation of Young European Greens is proud to officially nominate Ska Keller for the Green European Primary Elections

For Ska Keller, the Green Primary offer the first real opportunity for a truly European election campaign. She says: "We Greens take European democracy serious. We are the first European party that gives its supporters all over Europe a say in who is going to be the top candidate. Europe, that's not 'them' in Brussels, but it's us in Saxony-Anhalt, in Andalusia and everywhere in Europe".

Ska  Keller is one of the youngest members of the European Parliament. Considering the enormous numbers of youth unemployment, Ska Keller will  fight with her candidacy for the rights of young people to live a decent live and for the creation of sustainable jobs for the youth.

Together with FYEG, Ska Keller fights for:

  • Decent lives for the youths of Europe, including more investments in school and university education as well as apprenticeships through an improved European Youth Guarantee
  • A democratisation of the EU including a European Youth Convention to enable young people to participate in the decisions on the future of Europe
  • A Europe of solidarity between North and South and East and West and a social and sustainable change of the current economic structures
    Michael Bloss Spokersperson of FYEG explains: "Ska Keller has been elected at the General Assembly of FYEG to represent the youth in the race to become the Green leading candidate for the European Elections and the President of the next Commission. She does inspiring work on youth politics, in addition Ska Keller is dedicated to the struggle for the rights of migrants and refugees as  well as more justice in global trade issues. With these topics, Ska  Keller represents the values of the Young Greens in Europe."

    "With  my candidacy, I want to give young people in Europe a voice," says Ska  Keller, "in order for them to shape and change Europe"

    For further questions, please contact Michael Bloss under Micha@fyeg.org or +49 17697533999

    This is how the Green Primary works:
    The European Greens will conduct a European-wide election of their two leading candidates for the next European Elections.
    • Till the 20th of October, every national Green Party in the EU can nominate candidates for the Green Primary
    • The candidates need to collect the support of 4 national Green Parties in the EU
    • The  official voting time starts on the 10th of November. Everybody in the  EU who supports Green ideas will be able to vote online for one of the  primary candidates
    • The voting time ends on the 28th of January  '14 and the top two candidates (female and male) will lead the European  Green Party's campaign for the European Elections