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FYEG launches a campaign to support the Water campaign

alt The Federation of Young European Greens launches a campaign to support the European Citizens Initiative "Water and sanitation are a human right! Water is a public good, not a commodity!" organised by the European Federation of Public Service Unions and others.

Terry Reintke, co-spokesperson of FYEG states:

"The access to clean water is a human right. We share the demand of the initiative for a legislation which requires EU institutions and member states to put this right into practice. Water supply has to stay out of privatization policies in order to guarantee sufficient and clean drinking water and sanitation for everyone at an affordable prize. Especially the privatization of Greek Water Supply during the crisis urges for concrete action."

Jakob Schwarz, co-spokesperson of FYEG adds:

"The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) is the first first transnational tool of particpatory democracy. It offers the possibility to set a topic on the agenda for european-wide discussion. In times where the euro-crisis is threatening to create new disparities between nations, the European Citizens Initiative is a unique chance to strengthen a unified European public sphere and civil society.The online signature collection system on www.right2water.eu allows a propagation of the debate via the new media"

The introduction of the European Citizens Initiative in April this year gives EU-citizens the possibility to directly adress proposals for legislation to the European Commission. If one million European Citizens sign an initiative within twelve months, the organizers have the right to present the project in a hearing in front of the European Parliament and the Commission. The European Commission is obliged to consider the proposal and give a positive or negative answer with reasons within 3 months.

The FYEG campaign supported by member organisations from 13 European countries*, will strive for the diffusion of the Initiative via the internet and social media and ask for online signatures. Additionally, there will be offline signature collection actions and presentations of the Initiative at local meetings.

*Finland, Austria, Spain, Cyprus, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, France, Greece, Germany, England and Wales, Italy and Bulgaria