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FYEG’s takeaways from the 29th Council of European Greens

The 29th Council of European Greens was held in Berlin with a massive audience of over 500 guests. On top of the agenda was the election of our Green leading candidates (or Spitzenkandidaten) who will represent the Green family at European level and blaze a path towards the European elections in May. Alongside this, a Green manifesto was adopted.

FYEG was strongly present in the Council with an active delegation of Young Greens from different parts of Europe. We were happy and proud to see that many Green parties from Sweden and Norway to Belgium and Scotland had Young Greens on their party delegations. This is a sign of commitment to proper representation of young people and makes the Greens stand out in a European political landscape regrettably dominated by older men. 

FYEG is particularly satisfied of the following decisions of the Council:

  • The election of former FYEG Spokesperson Ska Keller as Green leading candidate
  • A Green Manifesto for the European elections with a strong emphasis on the needs of young people in Europe,
  • Promoting basic income experiments as a tool for reforming social policies in Europe and offering more social protection to citizens,
  • A resolution which states that no Green party will use unpaid internships in the European elections or at anytime thereafter, and challenges all other parties, media organisations and public authorities to do the same,
  • A resolution with which the Greens commit to fight against upload filters and a so called link tax in the ongoing trilogue negotiations on copyright legislation, as well as a fair remuneration of creators.

The Council was a unique moment to celebrate and strengthen the ongoing Green Wave sweeping over Europe. Europe faces an election of unprecedented importance, and young people will play a key role in determining its outcome. FYEG is happy to see the Green movement as a whole committed to put young people at the forefront of the political struggles that lie ahead in Europe. 

(links to final documents will be attached later)