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Free School Education For All!

In recent years, the investments in education have only decreased. For one, this has put a high burden on school teachers, who have to teach bigger classes, with fewer resources – raising serious questions about the accessibility of schooling, especially for children with difficulties that cannot be catered to in an environment of constant understaffing and underfunding. The burden this is putting on pupils and their families, coming from less privileged backgrounds,  is often overlooked. High fees for school books, the necessity to have your own computer at home and in school, as well as school meals are financial obstructions that prevent way too many students from completing their education. 

Today, on international students day, we join the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU), in their call for free education for all! The right to education doesn’t mean that you have the possibility to subscribe to a school. It means you also have proper access to the basic needs. It means that you can get a free school meal and don’t have to worry about having food on the table. It means that you can access the necessary tools, such as school books and a computer. It means you can get to your school and away, without worrying if your parents can afford that. 

Access to free education means that pupils‘ attention can be where it belongs: on learning. It is about being motivated and about everyone getting equal opportunities from the beginning. If we want to combat inequality in Europe, we better start with providing everyone with the same starting point.  Building a generation that has truly free education is a very good first towards this goal. 

Join us and tweet with #GenerationFreeEducation