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Europe, lead the way to climate justice, now!

Today sources from the White House confirmed that the United States will very likely step out of the Paris Climate Agreement. To which extent – whether the US will get out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) completely or only out of the Paris Agreement – is still not clear.


“It doesn’t really come as a surprise. The president promised to get out of the Agreement during his campaign and ever since his government got into power has done everything to block the Environmental Protection Agency from doing their job properly. His government shows a total disrespect for the environment and future generations,” says Kim van Sparrentak, spokesperson of FYEG.


Though the US pulling out of the diplomatic treaties is worrying, what is happening within the United States is even more alarming. If the country increases their use of coal it is going to take even more work to stay under the 1,5 C temperature rise  compared to the pre-industrial era. And it doesn’t seem like Europe is up for the job. “Within Europe there are many forces that make it impossible to take effective measures. Too many countries prefer to rely on their fossil fuels than to lead the world to a more sustainable path. It is highly disappointing to see the little efforts that the EU has made to be an innovative and progressive force in combatting climate change,” adds Fabian Wagner, spokesperson of FYEG.


FYEG feels it is embarrassing to see that Europe is staying behind and doesn’t have the courage to step into this void and lead the world towards climate justice. “The European Union needs to take measures into their own hands if they still want to be a credible player in the world and in the lives of young people. Not taking action on climate change is a proof of short-sightedness. Something that will harm especially younger generations and the most vulnerable in the world. We call for the European Union and their European partners to prove us they will fight for our fucking future”.


Image: Time Magazine December 2016 Issue