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The EU can't support a government that supports Nazis

If governments support Nazis, we can’t support them.

Most of us have seen the daunting pictures of past Saturday’s marches in Warsaw. The press didn’t have to use quotation marks in the description of a large group which joined the independence day demonstration. It was clear that the main message was a xenophobic, islamophobic and fascist one, carried out by Nazis. 

The rise of the far right and  “neo-nazi” groups is unfortunately not a new phenomenon on the European continent. However, the scale of what we saw this past weekend in Poland was unheard of for many years: the open government support for the hateful messages carried out. On top of that counter protests were stopped by the police and the -nationalized- media was glorifying the rally.

Polish Young Greens: 

Honored guests of the march were people with openly fascist views. The organizers used children to carry the racist banners.This happens on Independence Day for a few years already. Despite the appeals of many groups and organizations, no authority has decided to ban this manifestation or to forbid racist organizations. And all this in a city that was completely destroyed by the Nazis

We can't allow this kind of hatred and violence against people in Europe. It is truly horrifying to see that the Polish government, the police, and the press are on the side of these fascists. The far right, Euroskeptic party PiS ruling Poland is clearly fanning the flames of extreme right-wing nationalism. Something that has to be stopped as soon as possible. 

The Polish government has set out a way to become a authoritarian regime. After many steps, starting with the nationalisation of the press the Polish government now proposes a law to fire all supreme court judges. Further new legislation will stop critical NGOs for being eligible for state or EU funding. We read this as efforts towards banning democratic voices in the country and thereby strengthening the voices of totalitarian fascists. 

In the past months, the Polish government has ignored the decision by the European court to stop logging in Białowieża forest, disregards the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and making it impossible for Chechen refugees to seek asylum on the border in Brest and Terespol. They proposed a complete ban on abortions, including in cases of severe or fatal foetal impairment. They were involved in numerous cases of unlawful arrests of activists and protesters Human rights organisations have rung the alarm bell.  And, as we have seen this weekend, they don't even shy away from supporting nazis. 

Today, the European Parliament will debate the more and more distressing situation in Poland. People wonder if it is time to trigger Article 7 of the Lisbon treaty, which would mean the Polish government would lose their right to vote in the European Council. We call upon the European Parliament to take serious action to stop all undemocratic tendencies by all means possible. The European Union can't support a government that supports Nazis.