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Equal Pay for Equal Work

On this very day in Europe, women are being paid just 84% of what men earn in the same job. 84% is not good enough. It takes 16% off the value women should be acknowledged in Europe. It’s a disgrace to our collective commitments to finally grant gender equality in Europe and beyond. These numbers show in black and white how far our society lacks behind in achieving the right we have been fighting for over one hundred years by now.

The European Equal Pay Day date is calculated every year, and every year it symbolises that we are worth less than men. Imagine if women stopped working on this very day, November 2nd, every year. How would our system continue to run? You depend on us. So give us our well-deserved share of the cake. 

While we are talking about 16% on average in Europe, countries like Estonia, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom hold on to pay gaps of 20% and above. Being worth only four-fifth of a man is unacceptable.Furthermore, by the time we retire, our worth has decreased to three-fifth of a man. Our pension is about 40% smaller than that of our male colleagues. This is a shame.

Governments and employers: you need to ACT NOW.

When will you finally understand that for every per cent women are paid less we are forced into economic dependencies which decreases our livelihood down to a level that men from the same social background will never have to encounter. Governments, don’t forget it's also women that vote for you. It is in your hands to enforce equal pay by making transparency and equality of wage a legal standard.

Employers, you can do better! We want our equal share: 100%. Nothing less.