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EPP, How European are you, when you side with nationalists?

Viktor Orban’s campaign based on racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, as well as on in-your-face lies, has won him a comfortable majority in the Hungarian parliament. This majority is based on an electoral system designed to favour Orban’s party Fidesz and can safely be characterised as cheating. By bending the rules and sowing anti-migrant hysteria, Orban distracted the Hungarian public from the massive corruption of his own administration.

Leading European conservatives couldn’t help but congratulate him on his victory. The European Peoples’ Party, of which Fidesz forms a part, is clearly showing that they are comfortable with anti-European nationalist extremists, like Orban as a part of their group. Even the leader of the EPP in the European Parliament congratulated Orban, while the European Parliament is in the middle of a procedure to find out whether they will start an article 7 procedure against Hungary and its government. You can’t say you defend the rule of law and respect the values of the European Union and defend someone who is clearly anti-European and fuelling nationalism at the same time. If the conservatives don’t recognize that nationalism and hatred rising across Europe is a great threat to the European project,the supposedly pro-European talk of conservative leaders is nothing but rubbish.

Luckily these elections also brought good news. We want to congratulate the Hungarian Greens and our member organisation Lehet Más a Jövö for a great campaign and a good result in a very difficult context. Keep up the good work, it’s more needed than ever.