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An empowered woman* is a disobedient woman

Today, on International Women's Rights Day, we call for disobedience. There is a strong need to disobey the established order and break down the patriarchal system enshrined within our society. Not only today, but everyday, women* have many reasons to be disobedient. As a feminist organisation, the Federation of Young European Greens continues to fight passionately for gender equality and gender justice. And that’s why today we want to draw extra attention to all types of discrimination towards women*. 

This year on 8th March, we want to highlight our disobedience in the face of the current, patriarchal system. We are fed up with the discrimination that women*, mothers, women with disabilities, indigenous women, transgender, gender variant, and intersex people still face every day. We don’t accept that women* have more precarious jobs and lower wages. We actively fight the under-representation of women in politics and other representative positions. We stand strongly against any kind of violence against women*. And we try to make visible the all too frequently invisible, but indispensable, role women* play in the daily functions in all sections of society, through paid & unpaid, seen & unseen labour.

Being disobedient in our society means being empowered enough to push for policies that ensure our freedoms and our rights. Being empowered to control our bodies and to be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes. It means we are empowered to fight within our societies and within our organisations, for feminist and egalitarian structures, processes and events. We are empowered to conserve the climate and stand up for women* in rural areas, who are often the poorest and most vulnerable members of society in the face of climate change.

For these reasons, FYEG encourages everyone to lend their voice to the global call for gender equality by participating in the marches, campaigns or strikes happening around the world, and to celebrate International Women’s Day. If everyone embraces disobedience in the face of the patriarchy, we will all become more empowered.