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DEADLINE 20th of February - Call for participants Spring camp: Mission inclusion

FYEG is happy to announce its annual spring camp taking place in Úštěk, Czech republic from 3-11 April 2015. Our main emphasis will be on building a capacity that would keep the gained knowledge under the umbrella of FYEG and would encourage further work on anti-discrimination initiatives and activities for longer period of time. This event is expected to serve as motivating, networking and learning platform connecting formal, non-formal and transformational/experiential and informal learning. 

Main objectives:

  • to raise awareness about discriminatory behavior and right-wing extremism in Europe
  • to develop competences of participants
  • to work on inclusion and anti-discrimination
  • to develop set of implementation steps and an action plan for a topical European youth working group
  • to strengthen cooperation of youth organisations and marginalised young people to use the expertise of relevant organizations working on the topic as source of good practices
  • to bring different people from different background at one inclusive place
  • to discuss common issue

Profile of applicants: Young people between 18-35 from all over Europe interested in topics of inclusion, Roma & minority rights, human rights in general, Green politics and anti-discrimination policies and in work on these topics after the project. We expect to get together a diverse group of 60 participants of various backgrounds, including marginalized groups.

Why: We see the effects of the economic crisis and the failure of governments to implement adequate policies on social cohesion, particularly migration, Islam and Roma inclusion. The economic and financial crisis has exacerbated the employment gap between minorities and migrants on the one hand, and the majority population on the other, portraying minorities as economic, security and cultural threats.

Far-right extremist and neo-Nazi opinions and other authoritarian opinions and political actions are increasingly finding their way into mainstream politics. Although this phenomenon is not new, it has become more real threat recently. Xenophobic forms of nationalism and the number of political parties whose programs encourage racial and ethnic hate are on the rise.

We recognize this situation as a threat to democracy and fundamental freedoms.We would like to get better understanding of it and build a capacity that will continue working on expertise, analysis, and possibly build set of awareness raising activities/trainings on policy development in this field, where we would like to get more involved. We would like to broaden our knowledge on existence of legislation and/or policy measures covering discrimination in Europe and for ways of inclusion.

Further on, we would like to highlight the issue of social exclusion, especially when it comes to Roma in the Czech Republic, is regularly criticized by international human rights organizations as well as by Council of Europe, European Commission. The region of Severní Čechy is known in the field of social exclusion and problematic coexistence of the majority society with minorities. Therefore we have chosen Úštěk and hotel Racek for our Spring Camp as it is in the middle of the region of North Bohemia, close to Ústí nad Labem and offers all necessity service what we need for such important event.

Part of the event will be a conference “How to deal with Right-Wing Populism in Europe” with members of the European parliament, NGO representatives, Czech local parliamentarians and other experts.


Activities within the seminar:

  • Interactive workshops, presentations, skills share and discussions
  • Conference
  • Field visit
  • Networking with relevant local NGOs
  • Action
  • Trainings and Capacity building
  • Follow-up planning


Get ready in the preparatory phase

Take active part in the program of the event

Help with preparations of follow up and stay involved in work on the topic


Travel: FYEG will reimburse at least 70% of your travel costs from Europe. We will ask you to book your travel immediately after the confirmation of your selection to keep travel costs lower.

Meal: Vegetarian/vegan meals will be provided.

If you are interested, Please fill in the online application form. Deadline for applying: February 20, 2015, midnight CET 

For questions, you may contact Josef Smida (FYEG EC member) via josef@fyeg.org or Gio Meghrelishvili via project.assistant@fyeg.org. The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation.