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Catalonia: Only Dialogue Can Solve Political Dispute

Today is a sad day for democracy, given the inability of dialogue between the Spanish Government and the Catalan Government concerning the territorial distribution reforms that recognise the right of Catalans to decide their own political future. We, the Federation of Young European Greens condemn the disproportionate use of violence and the deployment of police forces by the Spanish Government, which already leaves hundreds injured, against the thousands of people who are demonstrating their will to be heard in a civil and peaceful way.

The excessive response of Mariano Rajoy’s Government and the Popular Party to the situation in Catalonia shows a lack of respect for democratic values which has no place in the European Union. For this reason, we demand that Mariano Rajoy resigns. On top of that, we urgently call on the EU and its member states to open a space for mediation between the Spanish and Catalan governments to find a negotiated and democratic solution to this conflict.

We want to express our solidarity with the civilian population who lives in Catalonia. FYEG invites Young Greens around Europe to show solidarity with those who have shown in peaceful demonstrations a desire to choose their political future. This political desire cannot be suppressed by any kind of violence but must be met by a dialogue between all parties, leading to a political solution to solve the territorial dispute. The demand of the Catalan society for an effective process of self determination will strengthen Spain’s democracy, which is a prerequisite in order to solve its constitutional crisis.