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Call for Working Group Members

The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) is glad to announce a call for its Working Group (WG) members. FYEG WGs have significantly increased their role in the past few years and have shown they are an important part for building the activities’ agenda as well as the realization of all FYEG events. After a year of intensive European parliament elections, it is now time to focus on capacity-building and strengthening our structures. We welcome all new members who will help us developing and fulfilling our activities and political agenda.

If you are interested in young Green politics, want to engage in specific topics on an international level, become active in FYEG and promote cooperation between green organisations - all while overcoming long distances - then this is your chance! There is no need to be an expert on the specific topic, but you should feel able and willing to participate in the WG throughout the year and give input from any related discussions taking place in your Member organization (MO) or country.

What are the WGs?

There are currently 10 WGs – you can check their planned activities for 2014-2015 or you can find some short information on our working groups at our webpage: http://fyeg.org/who-we-are/working-groups

How much work is it?

WG members generally meet online (Skype or similar) every second or third week. Other than this, the time you dedicate to their activities depends on you. Past working groups have arranged international seminars, written articles, started campaigns, created action readers and had a lot of internal discussions on their issues!

How to apply to become a member of a WG:

Send an email to office@fyeg.org stating:

  • Your name
  • Which WG you are applying for
  • Which organization and country you come from
  • Your email, telephone number and Skype name
  • Short motivation (about half a page, maximum one page) of why you want to join the working group and how you can contribute
  • Previous relevant experience

When you send us an email with your application, please write in the subject “WG application

Note that the list of WG members will be shared with FYEG member organisations.

Deadline for applications: 31th of August 12:00 pm

If you have any further questions on the working groups’ activities or their way of work, you can write to Krassina: krassina@fyeg.org