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Call for Strategic Planning Committee (CLOSED)


Dear Member Organisations of the Federation of Young European Greens,

As has been discussed at the General Assembly in Madrid, we will again work with an FYEG Strategic Planning Committee this year.


What is the SPC?

The SPC is the place for MO representatives to give their input throughout the year and prepare for better discussions and decisions on the GA and the Strategic Planning Meeting. It will consist of three subgroups, for which each MO can nominate one candidate. The subgroups meet online on a regular basis to discuss their topics and are involved in planning for the Strategic Planning Meeting in December. They elect their own coordinator from among themselves. The subgroups and their focus are:


  • Political - The Political Subgroup will focus on the image of FYEG. Who are we and how do people perceive us? Is the 'brand' FYEG strong enough? What can we do better? While we are working towards the 2019 elections we want to know where we stand and continue developing ourselves. This group comments on all of these aspects and as such provides a platform for feedback and input on the way we are showing FYEG to the outside world.


  • Structural - The Structural Subgroup critically reviews our IRP's (Internal rules of procedure) and Statutes and all official documents currently existing or to be created, such as guidelines for GA-presidencies or newcomers. Should the amendment/compromise sessions be regulated by the IRP’s? Should we have more/less EC members? How do we practically implement our STV voting combined with the new quota? These are questions the Structural group concerns itself with. It is the place for people interested in rules and regulations and thinking about how changes in these rules impact on our organization. The group plays a key role in advising both EC and MO's and aims to provide in-depth but politically neutral feedback on possible amendments at the GA.


  • Activity - The Activity Subgroup concerns itself with FYEG's educational, statutory and other activities. How do our activities serve our goals, and where can we improve? What kind of activities do we want to see more of? The group discusses things like the learning process around our activities, the follow-up on them, accessibility and in particular reviews FYEG's activity plan critically. With an upcoming 30-year-anniversary GA promising to be bigger than ever, this group is the place to give your input!


How to nominate members?

Each Member Organisation of FYEG can nominate up to one member per subgroup (so a maximum total of three members). To nominate someone, please send a mail with an endorsement letter to office@fyeg.org and fill in this form before the 6th of November midnight (CEST).

Please keep the focus of each subgroup and FYEG's diversity aspirations in mind when selecting relevant members to represent your MO. Nominated members should strive to keep the 13th of November 19:00 (CEST) free for the first online meeting. Should there be any questions regarding this process or the SPC in general, please do not hesitate to contact Frank, the EC coordinator for the SPC frank@fyeg.org or +31(0)6 5568 5866