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Call for Projects: Young Green Recovery

FYEG is very happy to announce its 2020 MO grants program! For the rest of 2020, the organisation of international events will be a challenge. But locally, you, our member organizations are fighting to make sure that we don’t just go back to normal and that we implement the lessons learned from the crisis. As FYEG, we want to support you in every possible way. Not only by amplifying your voices, but also budget wise.

That is why, starting from today, Member Organisations (both candidate and full) can apply for funding for all activities, events or campaigns that fulfill the requirements listed below.

What kind of activities and projects can you apply for? What are the requirements?

A member organization can apply for any activities, events, publications or non-electoral campaign material. There is no restriction on the type of project but there are some very important requirements you should take into account.

  1. The project should comply with FYEG, EGP and Greens/EFA values. In the application form you are asked to elaborate on the activity so we can assess whether or not this is the case.
  2. The project should be organised in collaboration with FYEG and at least EGP OR the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, therefore:
  • The partners logos should be visible on all outcomes and materials,
  • A member of the European Parliament from the Greens/EFA Group OR a member party of the EGP should be involved. FYEG can advise and help with contacts.
  • The project and expenses should happen by mid December 2020 at the latest.
  • The grant can only be used for a project, not for administrative costs such as hiring staff.
  • A project report (narrative and financial) will be due maximum 1 month after the project is completed and on January 3rd at the latest (see Reporting guidelines).

    How to apply for a grant?

    Applicants and their organisations are requested to fill in the MO Grants application form, and envision a realistic BUDGET for their activities. Completed applications must be sent to stefanie@fyeg.org with office.assistant@fyeg.org in cc with MO Grants application in the subject of the e-mail by 16 August 2020 at the latest (midnight CET). The first grant allocation will be announced by the last week of August 2020.

    A second round will be organized for the remaining funds (if there are any) with the deadline for submitting applications by mid-September 2020 at the latest.

    In accordance with the project budget and the scope of the activity, the treasurer together with the Executive Committee of FYEG will decide on the grants to be allocated for each action. FYEG offers up to 10 000 EUR as a grant per member organisation. This decision will be based on the feasibility of the action plan as well as a realistic assessment of the budget. Please note, that it might be possible you don’t get the maximum amount you ask for.

    Applications will be considered by the Executive Committee only if:

    • the application is coming from FYEG Member Organisations
    • the application is complete and consists of a completed application and budget

    The grant will only be paid after the activity took place and a full financial and narrative report is submitted together with the corresponding original proofs and receipts. It is the responsibility of the applying organisation to collect and report all the costs after the activity. There is a possibility for direct payments of the major costs by FYEG (venue, accommodation, catering).

    Organisations that have less experience with grant applications and reporting can be supported by FYEG Office in this process if necessary. In any case, granted organisations will be provided with online consultations on the administrative part of the project. Deadline for submitting the applications is 16 August midnight CET. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact Stefanie, FYEG’s treasurer: stefanie@fyeg.org with office@fyeg.org in cc.

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