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Call for Project Proposals: Just Transition In Action

Call for Local Project Proposals: Just Transition In Action

FYEG is happy to announce Just Transition In Action, its first call for local project proposals on Just Transition as part of its “It’s not just a transition: no Green society without social justice!” project, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

What is a Just Transition?

Just Transition is a framework developed originally by the trade union movement to encompass a range of social interventions and measures needed to secure workers' rights and livelihoods when economies are shifting to sustainable production. However, in the minds of Young Greens, Just Transition is much more. Even if we can ensure appropriate safety nets for workers, all pre-existing inequalities will keep intensifying. A just transition cannot be just for some, but it must ensure that no one is left behind.

Aim of this call:

As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the organisation of international activities has become ever more challenging. Recognising that it would be impossible under the current circumstances to organise an event which is safe and inclusive for participants from all around Europe, FYEG decided to postpone all its international activities. It hence redesigned its annual Just Transition Work Plan so to focus on supporting initiatives on the ground. Accordingly, this call is an invitation for FYEG member organizations (MOs) to submit project ideas and receive funding to implement them in their local communities during January to March 2021.

These projects will respond to the following objectives:

  1. Providing support to existing formal and informal initiatives for youth participation in urban and rural settings, with regards to just transition, or new ones;
  2. Help strengthen the ties and encourage collaboration between youth organisations and local groups working for a just transition following the topics relevant at the local level;
  3. Finalise the "Green Principles for a Socially Just Transition" drawing on direct experiences, campaigns, initiatives and events held at the local level and organised by a variety of youth across Europe.

Initiatives can be urban or rural and can relate to a variety of topics relevant for a just transition such as energy, transport, food, water, urban planning etc. Supported projects should encourage young people to become relevant actors in the process of a just transition. We particularly welcome applications from or supporting rural youth.

Types of projects: Proposals can include campaigning activities, direct actions, promotion events, local hackathons on concrete just transition struggles, citizens' assemblies, petitions and moreEligibility: The call is open for candidates and full MOs, as well as groups that are either part of FYEG network or have previously worked with FYEG. Grants available: FYEG offers grants for a minimum of 2000 to a maximum of 8000 EUR.Extended deadline for application: November 22, 2020 at Midnight CET (successful projects will be notified by December 10th at the latest) Expected timeframe for project implementation: January 1st to April 1st 2021 with reporting to be finalized within one month after concluding the activity (and at the latest by May 1st 2021)Note: It is the responsibility of the applying organisation to collect and submit a full financial report listing all the costs (together with the corresponding proofs) within a month after the end of the activity. FYEG will process payments directly (for venue rental, accommodation, catering, trainer fees, to service providers etc.) whenever possible and will reimburse all other expenses within the project’s approved budget upon the submission of the financial report and eligible proofs. Direct transfers of part of the grant might possible where necessary and will be agreed upon on a project-by-project case.

How to apply:

To apply, please fill in the following APPLICATION FORM and envision a realistic BUDGET for your project and forward these application documents to project.manager@fyeg.org until November 15, 2020 at Midnight CET with Just Transition In Action project proposal in the subject.The deadline has been extended until November 22, 2020 at Midnight CET.

In accordance with the project budget and the scope of the activity, the project’s Coordination Team will decide on the grants to be allocated for each action. This decision will be based on the feasibility of the action plan as well as a realistic assessment of the budget.


Projects applying for this grant should:

  • Empower young people to become relevant actors in the process of just transition in their community
  • Demonstrate how the applying MO will collaborate with an existing local initiative

Successful projects must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Provide a realistic timeline and budget for their activities
  • Demonstrate the capacity to carry out the project in practice
  • Correspond to the values of FYEG and the Council of Europe

This granting programme is organised in collaboration with the FYEG, EYF and CoE. Therefore, their logos should be visible on all the outcomes, materials and the venue.

Organisations that have less experience with grant applications and reporting can be supported by FYEG Office in this process if necessary. The Coordination Team will support applying organisations in the shaping of projects and help you take the most advantage of all resources and support this grant can offer. They will be available to organise check-in calls so long as the call is open. Write to intern.project@fyeg.org and project.manager@fyeg.org to request that we organise a call, sharing what are the main points you’d like to address, and we’ll share a Doodle for you to select your preferred time slot. Each applying project will have a call with the project manager to go through administrative responsibilities.

In order to understand which items are eligible as part of the budget, please consult the EYF financial conditions. The grant can cover the activity's direct costs (food, accommodation, venue and equipmental rental, experts fee, materials, travel etc.) but administrative costs (salaries, equipment, softwares, etc) are not eligible."

In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact project.manager@fyeg.org.


Need for more inspiration? Meet us at the Just Transition Community Day!

FYEG is organising an online event to kick-off this project. You are warmly invited to join us for the Just Transition Community Day, a whole day of networking, getting inspired and trained, making plans for the future, and walking around green virtual cities. Member Organisations thinking of applying for the grant are encouraged to invite representatives of local movements to join us for this day.

All information is available in the Facebook event, and the programme is available for download here.

For more inspiration, you can have a look at the local hackathons on social rights supported by FYEG in 2019 here. For how to organize a hackathon read here.