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Call for Project Proposals (CLOSED)


FYEG is launching a call for proposals for projects in 2018 and 2019. We are planning to apply for several projects for upcoming deadlines for obtaining European funds and will therefore, take into consideration suggestions from our Member Organisations and Working Groups!


FYEG is currently going through a process of defining its strategic priorities and creating a new Activity Plan for the following year. This call is hence to support the Executive Committee to clarify the objectives, priorities and the ways to implement them.

We would like to see project ideas that will help us create a new paradigm, which feeds peoples’ hopes and needs for a better living and strengthens the imagination, for the struggles for a dignifying life for everyone, and not just for a few. Projects, which are inventive and caters to the entire spectrum of diverse activists groups that FYEG represents.

The goal of the call for project proposals is to further build our projects, in cooperation with FYEG’s member organisations and working groups to strengthen the Young Greens movement on the way to the European elections in 2019.


This time we are interested in 4 types of projects:

- International campaign

- Online activities

- Study session, skills training, seminar

- Other


Bear in mind that it is possible that the FYEG Executive Committee modifies one or several aspects of your project proposal, once it gets approved, in order to fit them into the framework of the available European programmes.

We are also looking for organizations who are willing to host FYEG events in the 2019! If you are one of those organizations - even if you do not have a concrete project idea - apply through the application form.


You can share your ideas via the application form. Deadline for submitting project proposals is 8th February 2017.