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Call for Prepteam: Social Europe Now!


The Federation of Young European Greens is announcing an open call for members of the international preparatory team for “Social Europe Now!”, an international activity that will take place from 24 - 27 April in Italy (exact location TBC). 

The four-days Unconference will be a host to a variety of workshops, designed on the principles of non-formal education with the aim to inspire young activists, civil society organisations, citizens’ movements, artists, and Young Greens to take action on reclaiming their social rights. The Unconference will be composed of 4 modules: 1. Future of Work 2. Housing 3. Education, and 4. Healthcare. The aims of the Unconference are to: 

  1. Explore social rights, the international mechanisms in place for their protection;
  2. Identify the struggles of young people regarding  the access to education, housing, healthcare and employment in different European contexts;
  3. Encourage young people to use mechanisms for social rights protection such as Collective Complaints and engage with associations and trade unions by showing positive examples;
  4. Build capacities of young people to advocate for social rights and develop their action plans by learning how one-issue organisations and international organisations across Europe can support each-other for the common cause.

Responsibilities of a prep-team member

The main responsibility of the prep-team is preparation of the Unconference with a full support of FYEG’s Project Manager and an EC member. In particular: 

  • Active participation in regular online meetings, research and design of workshops prior the event (February, March, April / 3-4h a week)
  • Participation in a live prep team meeting in Italy (22-24 February, 2 full working days, weekend)
  • Preparation and implementation of the programme, invitation and communication with guests in accordance with the project aims;
  • Help with the promotion of the event and ensuring media visibility; selection of and communication with participants prior the event. 
  • Taking care of practicalities and of the general well-being of the participants;
  • Full participation during the entire event (24 - 27 April) and the prep team meetings before and after (23, 28 April);
  • Responsibility for project results and coordination of follow-up activities (1 month after the activity). 
  • Help with the reporting of the seminar (optional).

Being a prep-team member at an FYEG event would offer you

  • Working in a lively international environment with young activists and professionals
  • Improving your organisational, communicational and trainer skills
  • Getting familiar with Green values and FYEG’s work
  • Extend your knowledge about social rights 
  • An unforgettable experience!

The event is one of the two main international activities organised as a part of the ,,Reclaim your social rights!'' project supported by the Green European Foundation and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe


Accommodation, food, working space, travel and visa costs for the preparatory team will be fully covered within reasonable limits and within Europe. For selection of travel means the condition is to combine the most economic and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions).

If you are a team player interested in trying out your trainer skills, if you are willing to engage in an adventure of imagining the new ways of doing politics - this project is for you!

DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 3 February at Midnight CET.