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Call for Participants: Pizza & Write-a-thon

The Federation of Young European Greens and the Activist Handbook are excited to announce a call for participants to the hybrid (online and offline) event “Pizza & Write-a-thon” which will take place all over Europe on 11 December 2021


Real people need real practical help in their fight against injustice. They don't want to read an entertaining magazine about activists, nor do they want to do years of academic research. A write-a-thon is an intense, sprint-like team work activity that lasts for a limited amount of time and produces clear written outputs. At the Pizza & Write-a-thon we do not write articles just for the sake of writing articles. We want to bring about change. This event will produce condensed and practical resources to support an international community of activists. The outputs will feed into the Activist Handbook, a Wikipedia-style collaborative manual for activists. 


By taking part in this event, you will:


  1. Create something concrete: In less than 24 hours, you will write a series of guides that will help activists all around the globe.
  2. Learn about effective change-making: Working together in small groups, you will fully emerge yourself in one topic related to activism and learn everything there is to know about it.
  3. Meet awesome people: You will closely collaborate with activists from all around Europe. All with different backgrounds, but with a collective passion for social justice and change-making.


Together we will pursue these concrete objectives:

  • To bring people with varying backgrounds together in a focused environment and fun hybrid activity
  • To explore and experiment ways of mass collective online writing
  • To facilitate a process of peer-to-peer learning, gathering and expanding knowledge, as well as to allowing practical accessibility to discussions, ideas and knowledge sparked from previous live events




Do you need to be an expert in writing or a specific topic to join? No! Each of us has ideas and opinions that can contribute to creating good content regardless of age, gender, education level, or socio-economic background. We are looking for people with passion for change-making and social justice. People of all backgrounds. People who like being part of an international community. 


Are you interested in change? We are looking for people who want to learn & write guides about effective change-making. This event is for you if you have a background in or are interested in learning more about: inclusion in groups, organising movements, democratic processes, youth participation in society, activist strategies and tactics, taking care of our wellbeing, communicating effectively, digital tools for activists. And more!


What language should you know? You should be able to understand and speak English at a basic level. However, you will write in any language that you feel most comfortable with.


Why pizza? Costs for (vegetarian and/or vegan) pizza, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be covered by FYEG for the duration of the event. 


How do you join? You have two options: sign up as an in-real-life hub of participants (group between 2 and 15 people) or sign up individually & we will match you with other people to form a team!


If you are applying to host a hub, your team should appoint a hub coordinator. The hub coordinator will be the main contact point, and they will be responsible for the logistics and financial aspect together with FYEG Project Manager. Please note that ALL participants of a hub should fill in the registration form. The hub coordinator will however be asked to provide more information about the composition and logistical needs of your hub, so you should self-organise BEFORE the application deadline and agree on: name of your hub, number of people in your hub, language you want to write in. You should also have an idea where you want to host the event. 


To apply, fill in this APPLICATION FORM. Individual participants, hub coordinators and hub participants should send in an individual application form each! DEADLINE to apply: 10th November 23:59 CET. 


Read more about the work of the Activist Handbook HERE.