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Call for participants - Madrid 29-30 March

This March, we will lift our campaign for the European elections to the next level. Federation of Young European Greens and European Green Party will host a joint two-day campaign event in Madrid. 

Europe is at a crossroads: a social crisis, a democratic crisis and an ecological crisis. These times require imagination and Greens have proven to deliver on both accounts. The Green Wave that has hit Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg in local elections has spread in into institutions and is manifesting itself in the streets with many Young Greens at the forefront of this movement. 

Brave young people are standing up--determined to fight for a welcoming, social and sustainable Europe. A Europe that delivers what was promised, but that has not been realised by the institutions (yet). The European elections are a milestone in both the European project and in the political roadmap that Young Greens are fighting for every day. In several countries, Young Greens are in strategic, electable positions on candidate lists in for the European Parliament. Which is why we will gather in Spain and take the Green Wave with us: to the streets, the institutions and to the ballot boxes. Let’s vote for a future that we don’t have to be anxious about, but that we can look forward to--these are the candidates that are going to make this happen.



The program will be split into two parts: the first part of the program will focus on an internal program for our MOs and participants and second part of the program is open to everyone.



Participants: We are looking for 100 participants from member organisations

Language: The main language of this activity will be in English. The programme for the second day will also offer direct translation services in Spanish. But not being comfortable in interacting in English should not keep you from applying.


The costs on the spot (accommodation in multi-bed rooms, vegetarian food, and refreshments) during the event will be covered by the organisers, but we will encourage you to make a donation to cover part of these costs, if you have the means.

If you are coming by your own means, you can request a reimbursement of up to 70% of your travel costs. If you are coming with the bus FYEG is organising (tbc), a participation of 20€ per person will be asked for the bus.

Applicants for whom paying this fee is an obstacle for participation, should still apply and mention this in their application. FYEG will try to find a solution together with the applicant after the selection is finalised.


Participants are expected to arrive before Friday March 29th at 9.00am and leave anytime on Sunday March 31st. 

Please do not buy any tickets before getting confirmation from the FYEG Office. All registered participants will get a list of indicative reimbursement limits. Travel expenses that go beyond those limits might not be reimbursed.


DEADLINE for submitting online applications: Monday 18 March at midnight CET by filling this form

In case of having problems with arriving/leaving time, finding affordable tickets, needing visa to enter Spain or having any other questions, please contact office@fyeg.org.



Good news: FYEG will be sponsoring a bus trip to Madrid! The bus will leave at 07:00 on Thursday March 28th in Prague and stop in: Leipzig, Frankfurt, Cologne, Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux and as a final stop ending in Madrid. The bus will depart on Sunday March 31st at 09:00 from Madrid and follow the same route back. Prepare yourself for fun activities during the bus ride to keep you entertained and energized (keep an eye on our social for that). Once registered for the bus, we will send more information on the location of each stop and exactly when the bus will be stopping at each place.