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Call for Participants - FYEG Delegation to COP27

Would you like to represent FYEG at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27)?


The 27th Climate Change Conference is planned to take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (6 - 18 November 2022). FYEG brings the possibility to participate as an observer to the summit.

Are you interested, inspired and involved in the effort for climate justice? Do you have the time, skills and knowledge to represent FYEG at COP this year? If so please apply to be part of our delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change before Wednesday, 13th of July 2022 23:59 CEST


  • Basic knowledge in Climate/Environmental Science
  • Interest and experience in environmental policy making, and/or climate activism or green movements
  • Knowledge on Green values such as ecology, feminism, anti-racism and social justice
  • Experience and knowledge in climate negotiations is an asset

What you need to know

  • The COP summit is taking place in Egypt. The delegates should stay alert and exercise increased caution. Please note that FYEG will not be able to assist delegates in the event of any incident, as such, all delegates are fully responsible for their own safety and wellbeing. In case of emergencies COP delegates should seek support from their respective consulates. You are also advised to consult the travel advisory of your country. Moreover,all activists should be aware of the risks they may face by participating in mobilisations in this country. FYEG is not responsible for the legal, penal, personal consequences of participating in the mobilisations outside of COP27. FYEG commits only to arrange the travel and accommodation to allow the participation of the activists to COP27, and will not commit to providing other financial, legal or administrative support. 
  • The COP delegation is expected to follow climate negotiations and climate policy developments and support FYEG’s communication efforts on climate policy.
  • The COP delegation is expected to network with other stakeholders and like-minded activists according to their own criteria and using their own network and contacts.
  • The number of accreditations available to attend the negotiations is decided by the UNFCCC Secretariat. FYEG normally gets 6 to 8 spots available that should be shared within the delegation.
  • This is an unpaid position. The expenses that will be covered by FYEG are:
  1. Travel up to an amount agreed with the office (to be communicated after the selection process). Each delegate should book and pay for their own travel. FYEG will reimburse the travel according to the financial guideline provided.
  2. Accommodation will be booked and paid for by FYEG only for the days in which the delegate holds the badge (certain flexibility can be discussed for travel organisation, etc). If a delegate wishes to stay in the country for longer, they will arrange and pay their own accommodation and other expenses.
  3. Food will be reimbursed by FYEG only for the days in which they are participating in the summit. According to FYEG’s IRPs, FYEG is not going to reimburse alcoholic drinks and meals that are not vegetarian or vegan. The financial guideline will include details on the maximum expenses on meals.
  • Members of the delegation are expected to attend recurrent delegation meetings to coordinate the work. The frequency of the meetings will be agreed between the delegates. FYEG can provide technical assistance and facilitate online tools.
  • The Delegation is open for participants coming from Europe. If you are based in another region and interested in taking part in COP27, please get in touch with Global Young Greens: secretary@globalyounggreens.org

FYEG strives to promote gender balance, diversity and inclusion within its structures. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect and to promoting active political participation of persons with disabilities and of disadvantaged groups. All applicants are encouraged to submit their application and to self-identify in the application form. 

If you are interested in applying please fill the application HERE before Wednesday, 13th of July 2022 23:59 CEST


Questions? Contact cinta.gonzalezsentis@fyeg.org for more information.

 This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament.