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Call for participants - Democracy Alive Festival

Location: Texel, the Netherlands
Dates: 11th-13th of April

The Campaign is on and now we need to take it outside the Green bubble to the rest of Europe. The Democracy Alive festival is the first major pan-European democracy festival of its kind during a European election and we need your help and participation to spread the Green message.  

This year we need young people to turn out for this election or it will yet again be decided by the patriarchy. Many studies have shown young people turn out when there are candidates that speak, look and sound like them. Green Parties are fielding over 40 young candidates in these elections and we couldn’t be prouder of them, so we want to introduce them to Europe and we need your help to spread the message.  

EGP kindly secured a tent at the Democracy Now Festival and have invited FYEG activists to attend and spread the message. In return for our help to run workshops and an information stand, EGP will cover travel costs for this event AND will transport you to the EGP campaign Rally and European Youth Forum Youth Day in Brussels on the 13th of April. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE CAMPAIGN TRIP!

Democracy Alive Festival

COME CELEBRATE European democracy with us on the beautiful Dutch island of Texel! JOIN thousands of citizens from across Europe. ENGAGE with decision-makers, your elected representatives, NGOs, businesses, trade unions, activists and – most importantly – your fellow Europeans.

Main objectives

  • To promote FYEG and Young Candidates to Young Voters
  • To get out the youth vote for the 2019 EP Elections
  • To show what EGP/FYEG can offer young voters
  • To support EGP candidates at festival events

  • To help run EGP/FYEG workshops and EGP/FYEG stall


The main programme events can be viewed on the Democracy Alive! Festival website (https://www.democracyalive.eu/). Within the programme EGP have been allotted 3 workshops. You will be expected to attend these events and help do a shift on the stall.

On the 13th we will then take transport to Brussels and participate first in the YFJ Youth Event (which looks super cool and I don’t want to spoil the surprises!), and then the huge EGP rally which is really going to be something! So you won’t miss out on the action!


Participants: We are looking for 23 participants from member organisations and FYEG structures. Priority will be given to Young Candidates and Working Group members due to the nature of activities required. But key will be your commitment to helping out (this is gonna be super fun, but not a holiday!)

Language: The main language of this activity will be in English. We are expected many attendees to also speak Dutch being in The Netherlands. But not being comfortable in interacting in English should not keep you from applying.

Costs: EGP have taken on all participation costs so for you it will be free!

They have also taken on the following costs:

  • Transportation from home-Texel and Brussels-home: Covered up to 200 euros - you will pay upfront and then be reimbursed for travel. The claim of the spending on the transportation will be with reimbursement with specific form EGP will provide.
  • Accommodation will be given in Texel from Wednesday to Saturday and in Brussels from Saturday to Sunday
  • Food provided on the working days

This is such a generous deal from the EGP and we can’t thank them enough so do come along!

DEADLINE for submitting online applications: Thursday 04 April at midnight CET by filling in this form. For any further questions please email sam@fyeg.org.