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Call for Participants COP26 Intersessional

The Climate summit this year, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, will be a key moment for our fight for climate justice. For the first time since the Paris Agreement, Countries have to update their plans and commitments in fighting climate change. This year, in addition to taking part in actions and mobilisation, FYEG will have an official delegation, inside the negotiations. Will you be our climate justice warrior on the spot? Are you interested, inspired and involved in the effort for climate justice? Do you have the time, skills and knowledge to represent FYEG at COP this year? If so please apply to be part of our delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change before the 22nd of March 2020, Midnight CET


  • Basic knowledge in Climate/Environmental Science
  • Interest and experience in environmental policy making, and/or climate activism.
  • Knowledge on Social Justice as a part of Climate Justice

What you need to know

  • This consists of two events, the first of which is the intersessionals in Bonn, taking place from the 1st to 11th of June 2020. This section of the trip is not funded, but it is beneficial to go to, as it sets you up with the basics needed to navigate, understand and influence the proceedings. FYEG will provide accreditation and will help you to find accommodation on the spot.
  • The second part is the COP, taking place in Glasgow, from the 9th- 20th of November, for which costs will be covered by FYEG. On average 6 to 8 delegates attend each event, dividing the time attended by splitting up so we have 3 to 4 attending per week
  • We aim to have a gender and regional balanced delegation If you are interested in applying please fill the application here before the 22nd of March 2020, Midnight CET.


Contact office@fyeg.org and stalo@fyeg.com for more information.