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Call for Participants: "Alter-COP Climate seminar in the run-up to Paris!"

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Dates: 6-10 December 2014

Deadline for application: Deadline extended to November 7, midnight CET

Who can apply: Young people between 18-35 from member organisations of FYEG residing in Europe. Please make sure you can attend the full seminar.

Through this seminar, parallel to the UNFCCC COP20 in Peru, we aim to raise the awareness of young greens both within and beyond FYEG on pressing issues related to climate. The seminar will gather national context in terms of policies, actions and solutions in order to have a better overview of the European dimension. We aim in this seminar to mobilise our MOs & to prepare a campaign in the run-up to the next COP in Paris, France through their representatives going to Brussels. We would also welcome speakers from climate movement NGOs to further continue our collaboration particularly for COP21. In addition, workshops and training will be for capacity building in terms of energy and climate campaigning. Thematic priorities will be: divestment, energy independence (resource conflicts), social aspects of climate issue (energy poverty), EU 2030 climate & energy package, energy efficiency, among others.

Main objectives of the seminar:

  • following online the climate negotiations taking place in Peru
  • build-up knowledge on climate change and climate policy & distribute information
  • harness campaigning, negotiations & advocacy skills
  • finalise the FYEG climate campaign plan from January onwards in the run-up to COP21 in 2015
  • empower the participants to be multipliers in their organisations & launch in their own communities/organisations a part of the climate campaign

Activities within the seminar:

  • Interactive workshops, skills share and discussion
  • Updates and close observation of the negotiations 
  • Networking within the European and International Climate Movement
  • Action
  • Trainings and Capacity building
  • Campaign planning


There will be homework to be prepared before the actual seminar in order to share national realities of climate & energy issues. Full participation in the training is mandatory as this will prepare better the young green climate activists to facilitate workshops at home & to coordinate local/national actions as part of the FYEG climate campaign. We will altogether brainstorm, do a powermapping analysis & set milestones! The working language will be English.


Travel: FYEG will reimburse at least 70% of your travel costs from Europe with an absolute ceiling between 100 and 350 Euros depending on which region in Europe you come from. We will ask you to book your travel immediately after the confirmation of your selection to keep travel costs lower.

Accommodation and meals: Van Gogh hostel in Brussels, meals are going to be provided. Due to limited financial capacities we will try to keep expenses low on the meals.

Venue: Our main meeting place is also going to be in Brussels

Please send a motivation letter & a letter of recommendation from your FYEG MO to Evangelos at office@fyeg.org and put in CC vagelis1313@yahoo.gr 

For questions, you may contact Evangelos and the Secretary General: Shenna@fyeg.org, please put in CC our EC member Joan@fyeg.org