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Call for Participants: 2019 Young Candidates Platform

Hey Green rebel!

Are you ready to take your next battle inside of traditional political institutions? Are you running or planning to run for election for public office this year?  

FYEG is creating a candidate platform to support you on your election journey with a variety of training, mentorship and support, both offline and online. The platform presents an exciting opportunity to connect with other young people running for election across Europe and to be connected with our pan-European campaign for a sustainable, social, welcoming and inclusive future. Together we will develop candidacy skills and share inside knowledge on a range of policy areas from energy to agriculture to migration to gender, we will empower each other and get empowered, and most importantly, we will make sure we get those votes!

The Young Candidates Platform will accept candidates on an ongoing basis (no deadline). Candidates can apply to be part of the platform even in cases where they do not have secured a position on the parent party list, yet. We are building the platform this year to support Young Green candidates in the European Elections but also welcome candidates from non-EU countries running in local and national elections. We believe that our non-EU members also have a role to play in our European election campaign.

We particularly encourage women, persons of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQAI people, socio-economically marginalized and anyone with an otherwise disadvantaged background to apply!

To join the Young Candidates Platform you need to fulfil the following requirements:

-       Be less than 35 years old

-       Be ready to run for European Parliament election in 2019 or, in case you are active in a non-EU country, run in any other election in that country

-       Be ready to become part of FYEG’s 2019 campaign, and to that end share FYEG’s political positions and visions for Europe, as expressed in our Political Platform, our numerous Resolutions and our Campaign Plan

-       Have support for your candidacy from the Member Organization you are part of

All boxes checked? Then you just need to do the following:

-       Fill in the application form on this LINK

-       Ask your Member Organization to send us a support letter to info@fyeg.org

Any more questions? Write to zuzana@fyeg.org or sam@fyeg.org.

All done? Tap yourself on the shoulder. It takes a lot to put yourself out there as a candidate and we couldn’t be prouder of every member who takes this big step. You are all heroes to us!

In 2019, we will change the story, as you will make amazing things happen. We will be there every step of the way with you. We cannot wait to welcome you in the platform!