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Call for Members Just Transition Working Group

FYEG is calling for members for its new Working Group on Just Transition

In today’s world, mode of production is based on massive exploitation of resources which directly causes climate crisis, as well as social and economic inequality. To create a green future, where economic system is neither destroying our environment, societies nor living creatures, it’s crucial to completely transform the economy and ensure our resources aren’t wasted but rationally used and every job is guaranteed with basic social rights.

Time is limited, the climate crisis is happening here and now. We are in a state of emergency where a just transition for all citizens to a fossil free world is crucial.

Tomorrow’s world can’t be imagined without a just transition to a carbon-neutral society, because it’s not the only way to survive but justice for all; and we are the climate generation who has to do this.We need to stand up for our rights and future because being fossil free or having "progressive climate policy" doesn't necessarily ensure a just future for young people.

Act together with brave activists, give your contribution in saving our future because it’s not just a transition.

In 2020, FYEG will organise several activities in relation to the topic of Just Transition, as part of a work plan supported by the European Youth Foundation. Project details can be found HERE.

We are calling for interested and motivated young greens to join our new working group on Just Transition to carry these activities further.


Aims of the Just Transition Working Group:

  • Explore and debate issues relating to Just Transition in different countries and on the European level

  • Develop policy papers for the Executive Committee to provide the framework to help shape FYEG’s political position on Just Transition

  • Help communicate FYEG’s position and work on Just Transition internally and externally with the support of the Executive Committee

  • Develop a publication, a blog series or articles with the Ecosprinter

  • Hold a webinar (or more!) on specific topics to share the work of the Working Group with FYEG members and beyond

  • Create more projects relating to Just Transition

  • Liaise between the different events organised as part of the Just Transition Work Plan, give input for these events and collect outputs.


Why join?

Working groups are a great opportunity to help steer FYEG’s political direction, learn more about the organisation itself and connect with young greens across Europe. You will develop not only your knowledge of just transition, but also organisational and practical skills. This year, we are excited to announce that there will also be funding available for working groups to support their projects.


  • Applicants should be a member of one of FYEG’s Member Organisations or observer organisations, or an individual who shares the same values of FYEG;

  • Passionate about Just Transition, including discussing issues and taking actions;

  • Knowledge about Just Transition in Europe and/or their local context, with knowledge of policy or an eagerness to learn;

  • Available to commit to 1-2 hours a week, including online meetings;

  • Willing to take an active role in the working group;

  • A good team player who contributes to a safe and supportive environment;

  • Comfortable working in English.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the application form HERE

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Executive Committee member responsible for the Just Transition Group, Mariam (mariam@fyeg.org), or the Working Groups Coordinator Kristy (kristy@fyeg.org). 

New members will be notified shortly after the application deadline.


The deadline for applying to the Just Transition Working Group is Sunday, 3rd November at 23:59pm CET.