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Call for Members: Feminist Network

Join the Feminist Network and become a member of FYEG’s team developing best practices that will shape the feminist Europe of today!

The Feminist Network is a Europe-wide platform where we listen, share and take action! In the next several months we will discuss topics from all different disciplines such as sexuality, intersectional feminism, inspiring movements, women’s and LGBTIQA+ rights and so much more. The Feminist Network is the place where we exchange knowledge about what’s happening in the feminist world right now and how we can be part of it. The Feminist Network is there to galvanise your own power to take control over the gender narrative, and to strengthen each other over individual goals and collective actions. To implement our actions, the Feminist Network also is provided with a financial budget.

Projects of the Feminist Network in the coming term

  • Take a lead in putting forward a resolution to define sexual consent and make clear that all sexual actions happening without consent are defined as rape
  • Doing a feminist and inclusive review of our own structures
  • Organizing campaigns, meetings and events to promote women’s and LGBTIQA+ rights
  • Contribute to publications and policy papers of FYEG on queerfeminism
  • Doing kick-ass work on all feminist topics you are interested in together with a motivated team of activists
  • Smashing patriarchy

Please note that the working group will only consist of women (cis or trans), and/or other people who identify as trans and/or genderqueer.


The Feminist Network will divide its tasks internally, and will mainly communicate online through different communication channels. An ability to work both in a team and to take the initiative as an individual is highly encouraged. There is the possibility to have a physical meeting if desired by the Working Group, which can be made possible by a funding specially set up for the Working Groups. WGs are the only body in FYEG which are open to everyone. It does not have a maximum number of volunteers. Working Groups will have a fixed meeting day and time. This will be validated by the Working Group in the first meeting. The mandate of the WG will last from November 2020 to April 2021.

Applicant Profile

  • Member of a FYEG member organisation, observer organisation or individuals.
  • Passionate about the topic of feminism, gender equality, LGBTIQA+ rights and with some experience working with policy at best.
  • Available to attend the kick-off online meeting at the beginning of November.
  • Willing to work 1-2 hours per week on average for the working group.
  • Comfortable working at a proficient level in English.

To Apply

Please complete the application form HERE.

If you require any additional information about the Feminist Network, please feel free to contact our EC Working Group Responsibles Gülce (gulce@fyeg.org) and Clara (clara@fyeg.org).

New members will be notified shortly after the application deadline. The deadline for applying to the Feminist Network is Friday, 30th of October 2020 at 23:59 CEST.