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Call for Member Organisations: Young Greens Decentralised Training 2022

The FYEG is announcing a call for Member Organisations (MOs) to participate in the Decentralised Young Greens Training 2022. This activity is a capacity-building opportunity for all the Member Organisations (full and candidate) of the Federation. The selected Member Organisations will receive tailored training on organisational strategy (identification of the organisation’s mission and vision, and methodologies to build change), sustainable growth and recruitment (intersectional and inclusive approaches to recruitment and volunteer engagement pathways), and teamwork (task division, learning and exchanging structures). This program is a hybrid activity, and the different sessions take place between October and the end of the present year, including flexibility of calendarisation for the participant MOs.


With this activity, FYEG brings its MOs the opportunity to learn, exchange and work towards boosting resilience in their structures, securing the engagement and development of their members within their bodies and spaces, and creating diverse and welcoming activities. This Program is specially addressed to those MOs that 

  • Experienced recent changes in their structures due to internal or external factors, and wish to set up strategies to recruit new members and/or work on engagement pathways to ensure participation and fulfill the needs and aspirations of their members

  • Wish to enhance their structures and preparedness towards (electoral) campaigning

  • Want to analyze the internal functioning of the organisation, in order to boost good practices and implementing better processes if needed

  • Aspire to increase their impact and ability to collaborate with other key stakeholders in their ecosystems, including their Mother Party, youth councils and movements, and local and national institutions.


The sessions that constitute the program of this Training will be offered by external trainers of the Campaign Accelerator


All MOs applying for this opportunity commit to:

  • Select 3 participants to attend the kick-off live event taking place in Brussels from Friday 30th of September (arrival is expected during afternoon and evening, the program starts on Saturday early morning)  to Monday 3rd of October (departures start on Sunday evening). FYEG encourages the MOs to select a gender-balanced and diverse group in terms of age and seniority. In that sense, at least one of the activists that attended the live event should be present in the follow-up workshops described below.

  • Share and include the information, tools, and practices learnt during the training in participation spaces and structures.

  • Proactively attend and participate in the online training put in place as a part of this program (see below). Each MO should ensure the participation of 3 to 5 of its members to the followup online workshops; at least one of the participants to the live kick-off event should also attend these sessions.

  • Participate in the correspondent evaluation spaces allocated by FYEG after the completion of the project.


This activity includes the following:

  • Pre-training individual interviews to assess the potentialities and needs of each participant member organisation. These interviews will take place during the month of September according to the availability of the MO, and will be used to ensure the creation of a tailored learning program.
  • 3 days live kick-off and training event in Brussels (30th September to 3rd of October). The participants will comply with the FYEG COVID regulations besides the sanitary national regulations. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organisation. Travel expenses of the participants will be reimbursed according to the financial guidelines put in place by FYEG. Each selected MO will provide the contact details of the participants to this event after receiving the correspondent confirmation. During this event, the trainers will present the different modules that constitute the program:

    • Module 1: The role and mission of the MO in its ecosystem. 

    • Module 2: Tools, theories and frameworks to recruit new members.

    • Module 3: Tools, theories and frameworks to retain members and work on organisational growth.

Note the working language of this activity is English. 

  • Two modules of online training, including:

    • One joint workshop together with other MO participating in the program.

    • One individual session tailored to your MO’s needs. This activity can be offered in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

  • One closing joint workshop at the end of the program, and ahead of the Member Organisation Forum 2023.


Do you think your MO could benefit from this opportunity? Fill in the registration form HERE.


In accordance with the project budget and the scope of the activity, the FYEG Executive Committee will select seven Member Organisations to take part in this program. The selected MOs will be contacted in July. Each selected MO is expected to confirm its participation by nominating 3 participants to the live kick-off event in Brussels.


Get in contact with Cinta via email (cinta.gonzalezsentis@europeangreens.eu) if you have any questions.

This activity is organised with the financial support of the European Green Party.