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Call for Local Hackathons (CLOSED)

FYEG is happy to announce its first call ever for local project proposals on social rights. Local projects are a part of the final phase of the “Reclaim Your Social Rights! project”, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

The call for local hackathons is an opportunity for youth organisations that took part in any of the activities of the ,”Reclaim Your Social Rights!'' project to submit their project ideas and receive funding to implement them in their communities during October and November 2019. 

What is a hackathon? 

A Hackathon is an intense, sprint-like, goal-oriented team work activity that lasts for a limited amount of time (36-48h).

This activity is based on clear goals, rules and guidelines, and is composed of members from various backgrounds and expertise: young computer programmers/app developers, designers, project managers, activists and other experts to collaborate intensively on developing projects such as software or an advocacy tools.

The Hackathon for social rights is a non-competitive activity, accessible for all young people, especially those coming from a minority/refugee/migrant background or who identify as women*, non-binary or gender-queer. It is a safe space for all young people involved and respects the principles of non-formal education: voluntary participation, critical thinking and democratic agency.

The goal of the activity is to produce digital tools and practical advocacy actions for the needs of young people facing barriers when accessing their social rights such as education, health, housing and work.

For more details about how to organise a hackathon, consult the guidelines Hold Your Hackathon on Social Rights (PDF)

What are the problems we want to address and why local hackathons?

FYEG conducted several meetings with young people from all over Europe this year, addressing a discrepancy between the promised, guaranteed social rights and what is experienced by young people in reality. 

The first two phases of the project provided a platform to exchange experiences of personal and collective struggles young people around Europe face in their lives. Issues such as job insecurity, unequal access to education and healthcare, and housing insecurity are widespread for young people in Europe and pose precarious situations for them. Furthermore, those involved in the project learned about the legal mechanisms for protecting our social rights on the international level. Finally, this project opens a possibility to experiment with a new format to bundle our collective efforts - by organising an international hackathon on social rights and learning from this experience in order to replicate it on the local level.  

The local actions are aimed at strengthening young people’s capacities to stand up for their social rights. It is a chance for young people to put their ideas into practice, raise awareness about important cases of social rights violations, articulate demands to their local authorities and identify suitable tools for addressing their issues, in accordance with their local context.

How to apply for a grant? 

Applicants and their organisations or local groups are requested to fill in the LOCAL HACKATHON APPLICATION form, and envision a realistic BUDGET for their activities. Completed applications must be sent to project.manager@fyeg.org with Local Hackathon Application in the subject of the e-mail by 31 August 2019. 

In accordance with the project budget and the scope of the activity, the project’s Coordination Team will decide on the grants to be allocated for each action. FYEG offers up to 1500 EUR as a grant per hackathon. This decision will be based on the feasibility of the action plan as well as a realistic assessment of the budget. For eligibility of the costs and reporting documentation, check the EYF's financial guidelines.

The approved local projects need to correspond to: 

  • Values of FYEG and the Council of Europe
  • Financial conditions of EYF (see the guidelines above) 
  • Local Hackathon is organised in collaboration with the FYEG, EYF and CoE. Therefore, their logos should be visible on all the outcomes, materials and the venue. 

Applications will be considered by the Coordination Team only if the application is coming from an organisation/local group/initiative of the former participant(s) of the Reclaim Your Social Rights! project.

  • The application is complete and consists of a completed application and budget

Note: Only 50% of the grant will be sent in advance, upon signing a project contract with FYEG. The second half of the grant will be sent after the activity took place and a full financial report is submitted together with the corresponding proofs. It is the responsibility of the applying organisation to collect and report all the costs after the activity. There is a possibility for direct payments of the major costs by FYEG (venue, accommodation, catering). 

Organisations that have less experience with grant applications and reporting can be supported by FYEG Office in this process if necessary. In any case, granted organisations will be provided with online consultations on the administrative part of the project.

Deadline for submitting the applications is 31st August. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact the Coordination Team: