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Call: Join the Green Team

Be Brave and join the Green Team

This year, we are choosing our future and standing up to authorities that have not kept their promises. You probably have heard about the Green Wave, Greta or the last IPCC report, that gives us 11 years to stop the worst scenarios of climate change. You might ask yourself: What can I do? 

Brave young people all over Europe are rising up, demanding a better future for us and the generations to come. There may be powerful lobbies, corporations and industries, but we, who dream of a different future outnumber those keeping unjust systems in power. Together, we can push for change and the Europe we want to see. 

Now it’s time to act and let everyone know that we are not giving up on our Europe. But we're going to fight for a different Europe: a future that is sustainable, social, feminist and a welcoming space for us all.

But we know that we cannot achieve the change we dream of alone. To achieve them we need everyone to carry on the fight inside the political institutions and out in the streets.

Federation of Young European Greens is looking for YOU in their campaign in the upcoming elections!

Let's be brave, let's act, let's GREEN Europe TOGETHER

How does it work? 

Join the Green Team online via Telegram or WhatsApp and receive inspiration for daily actions, calls for group activities, artivism, invitations to events and rallies as well as the most up-to-date news about our Young Candidates and our campaign. 

You will become part of an online community stretching from Ireland to Georgia, from Norway to Turkey, together, creating the Europe we want to see, enacting change. 

The Green Team is the official FYEG broadcast channel for its volunteers to join in and create the Europe we all want.

Note: the same content will be posted in the Telegram and WhatsApp groups, so choose which one suits you best. 

Join the Green Team on Telegram

  • For phone: Download the Telegram App and join using this link
  • For on your computer: join using this link and use Telegram as an App or on the web

Join the Green Team on WhatsApp

  • Add the Green Team +31 612749106 to your WhatsApp contacts
  • Send us the message “JOIN GREEN TEAM”

Superpowers to share?

We are always actively looking for applicants from a diverse range of genders, cultures, language groups, abilities, and experiences. Join us organizing online and in the streets. Bonus: by filling in this form we will give you access to exclusive campaign materials.


Why are you using Telegram and WhatsApp?

Many people are already using Telegram and WhatsApp on a daily basis. Through Telegram we are able to reach you quickly and easily so that you can Be Brave and Green Europe together with us, without a fuss.

Telegram and WhatsApp are open-source and secure cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. Telegram is widely-used among activists and is great for organizing. 

Will I be overloaded with messages constantly?

Nope! You will only receive messages from FYEG’s Green Team (max. 1 per day). You will not receive messages from other Green Team members, like in a Telegram or WhatsApp chat group. 

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. We only use your information to send you information related to the campaign Be Brave! Green Europe! and will not your information in other databases. Messages that you send to us, we will store for a maximum of 3 months. We will never share your data with others. FYEG implements the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information about FYEG’s privacy policy, please visit http://www.fyeg.org/privacy 

Can I unsubscribe from the channels?

Absolutely, you can easily unsubscribe from:

      • Telegram by manually by going to “info” and then “leave channel”
      • WhatsApp by sending “UNSUBSCRIBE GREEN TEAM”  to +31 612749106