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Call for Host Organisation: Fighting for Our Common Planet (CLOSED)



Open Call for Host Organisation - Fighting for Our Common Planet

Dear FYEG Member Organisations,

FYEG's Executive Committee would hereby like to announce the opening of a call for a host for the “Fighting for Our Common Planet” seminar, scheduled for the 23.7-31.7.2018.  The aim of this activity is to empower youth organisations to advocate for the sustainable management of natural commons.

Member Organisations are encouraged to apply!

We are in particular looking for a location where there are recent examples of community organised movements to protect their natural commons (e.g. drinkable water, climate, etc.), with whom we can meet and exchange different practices. One of the project intentions is to conclude the activity with a public action jointly with local youth movement working on natural commons, as well as a small-scale event together with the local community (panel discussion, music, arts).

Therefore, we would like to have the event where there is a possibility to connect and engage with the local community.

If your organisation is interested in hosting the next seminar, submit an application until the CLOSED CALL (midnight CET) by e-mail to project.manager@fyeg.org and pedja@fyeg.org


This application should contain:

  • motivation letter;
  • the resources of your organisation (human and other) that you are ready to invest in this event;
  • options for travel, accommodation (camping and with possibility of indoors sleeping facilities), meeting venue and meals for 60 participants;
  • co-funding possibilities;
  • the resources and contacts of your organisation about topics of seminar (natural commons); 
  • ideas for political actions;
  • a statement of willingness to host the natural commons seminar. 

Responsibilities of the host organisation:

  • to identify 3 persons from their organisation - Technical coordinator, Assistant, and Program Coordinator - that will be in constant communications with FYEG and responsible for specific area of work related to preparation, implementation and follow up of the event, and that are able to attend the event;
  • to help find the co-funding of the event (with assistance from FYEG office);
  • to arrange the accommodations, meeting place (plenary), meals (vegetarian and vegan) and refreshments for the live prep team meetings and for the event itself;
  • to arrange the entire visa and travelling related issues for the participants;
  • to arrange all the technical needs of the prep team, FYEG, participants or event itself. 

Rights of the local host organisation:

  • to promote this activity at local level (in the country where the organisation is situated) as its international activities in cooperation with FYEG. Any document sent out by project host has to have the logo of FYEG and the website.
  • to organise side activity during the event that will support the interest of their organisation. This activity has to be prior approved by the prep team and FYEG.
  • to organise media event and use the presence of FYEG, based on prior approval by FYEG Executive Committee.


Organizing  FYEG seminar is time and resource consuming, but it is a worthwhile effort and a well-invested time plus a great team-building experience for your organisation. FYEG is also planning to launch its campaign for the 2019 European elections, and we encourage the host organisation to make political use of this event.

The decision regarding the selected location will be communicated by 20th October 2017. FYEG strives for regional balance in the organisation of its events, and that will be an important criteria during the selection - together with the quality of the application.


For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above-mentioned addresses.

Best wishes,

FYEG Executive Committee