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Call for Host Organisation

The FYEG's Executive Committee (EC) would hereby like to announce opening of a call for a host for training on political communication and framing titled “Arts, Crafts and Politics”. This activity is part of FYEG’s annual work plan together with the “Demasculinisation of Politics” and is aiming at building capacity and confidence of our MOs and their activists. More than 80% of funding for this training is already secured and it comes from the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

“Arts, Crafts and Politics” will bring 40 young greens together and is tentatively set to take place in September. Exact dates will be decided together with the host organisation. We would like to highly encourage our Member organisations (MO) to apply.


We observe how political engagement of youth has clearly shifted away from electoral politics to other forms of activism & cause-oriented networking. Now more than ever, when the radicalized policy-making is lowering the standards of our democracy, we find it necessary to jump on the bus of transformative ideas of communication, while bringing back the content in forms of policy advice and solutions to political struggles on the most complex and pressing problems in our societies. We see need to further demystify policy-making process in order to make it more accessible to people and young people more specifically.

This activity is primarily aiming to equip the young greens with all the necessary skills and insights, which will help them to initiate and lead the European evidence-based debate that resonates. They will learn how to put the problems affecting their communities on national and international political agenda with the help of successful storytelling and captivating communication tools, which is not only benefitting the society, but is also increasing the relevance and credibility of youth in politics.

As a host, you will be expected to:

  • Provide logistical support (help us with finding accommodation and venue, arranging catering etc.);

  • Plan extra-curricular activities;

  • Delegate one volunteer to become part of the core team

Please send us your Letter of Interest outlining:

  • Why would you like to host this event?

  • Whether and how are you planning to contribute, apart from the expected support (Meeting room, other contributions in kind, financial contribution)

  • Preferable dates in September (5 Days period)

If you would like to host the training, please send a Letter of Interest in PDF format by April 3rd, 2017 via e-mail, with the subject line “Host: Arts, Crafts and Politics” to project.manager@fyeg.org & put in CC anastasiya@fyeg.org.

The decision regarding the selected location will be communicated by 10th of April.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.