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Call for GA Presidency

The presidency is a body that presides over the General Assembly. It’s members are responsible for managing the program, conducting the votings and ensuring smooth running of the GA. It is a crucial body for the General Assembly and therefore we are looking for experienced activists who are motivated to commit substantial amount of time during the GA.




The presidency:

  • Consists of four to six people who must not be candidates to any positions at the GA

  • Is selected by the Executive Committee and confirmed by General Assembly at the beginning of its proceeding.

  • The membership of the presidency is based on a geographical and gender balance as well as o people with solid experience in political processes, chairing meetings and taking minutes.

  • Presidency can be suspended and simultaneously replaced with an absolute two-third majority by the assembly. Such a vote of no-confidence can be demanded by at least 5% of the delegates, who must present people for the new presidency.


Tasks of the Presidency:

  • Chairing the plenary sessions and amendment sessions.

  • Preparing papers and amendments.

  • Managing the election processes and the voting processes efficiently.

  • Taking minutes of the meeting and ensuring that they are ready to be published two weeks after the GA.

  • Counting the votes, tracking the quorum and absences.

  • Other minor logistical tasks.


Time requirements:

As a member of the presidency you will need to attend at least 2-3 online meetings before the GA in order to divide the tasks. You will also need to arrive one day before the GA to organize the final details as well as stay some extra hours after the official end to make sure that the minutes are correct and complete.




To apply, please send a short description of your experience and motivation to office@fyeg.org. The deadline to apply is March 31st midnight CET, 2017. Any question about the role can be sent to office@fyeg.org.