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Call for FYEG Secretary General

FYEG is looking for candidates to fill the position of Secretary General. This is a two-year, full-time, salaried position. As elected officer and legal representative, the Secretary General works full-time for the organisation at the European Secretariat of FYEG in Brussels. The Secretary General will have both a political mandate and will be fully responsible for the management of the FYEG office in Brussels. S/he will work in close cooperation with the office staff and interns, the Executive Committee and the volunteers of FYEG. The Secretary General is responsible to the General Assembly.

Being Secretary-General of FYEG is a highly demanding position, requiring excellent organisational and leadership skills as well as substantial knowledge of Green politics, the EU and youth policies.

What FYEG offers:

  • Work in a dynamic, international, young, Green environment.

  • The opportunity to enhance your knowledge of European, Green and youth politics.

  • A position that is a window towards Brussels and European Green and political world.

  • Remuneration of 1700 EUR brutto per month (which makes around 1450 EUR netto).




We are looking for someone with the following profile:

  • Good knowledge of FYEG.

  • Good communication and diplomacy skills, ability to lobby and to work in an international environment.

  • Ability to take initiative and to work in a multi-cultural team.

  • Experience in human resources management is an asset.

  • A minimum basic knowledge of accounting.

  • Experience in youth and voluntary organisations or NGOs will be considered as an advantage, especially on an international level.

  • Excellent written and spoken English, working knowledge of either Dutch or French is a strong asset.

  • Excellent organizational skills, the ability to multi-task and to work under high pressure and tight deadlines.

  • Computer skills as well as experience or an interest to learn open source software (Open Office, Ubuntu, Drupal, etc..).

  • Willingness to engage in frequent travel and maintain flexible working hours – occasional work during the weekends is required.

  • Interest in and knowledge of the EU institutions, and awareness of youth policy and green issues.

  • Project management experience is an asset.

The tasks of Secretary General include:

  • Daily management of the FYEG office, including the financial management, coordination of the office, as well as assisting the EC.

  • Fundraising, organisation and implementation of FYEG's campaigns, projects and statutory meetings.

  • Maintaining good contacts with FYEG's partner organisations and Member Organisations.

  • Monitoring key political events and policy developments on the European level, in order to serve as a resource for FYEG's political work.

  • Handling FYEG's bank accounts, all payments and payment documentation.

  • Writing annual reports to FYEG's financial partners with the Treasurer.

  • Legal responsibility for the organisation.

  • If mandated by the EC, the Secretary General can also take part in meetings and represent FYEG and its position, according to a clear and limited mandate given by the EC.



To apply please send the following documents before April 13th 2017, midnight CET to office@fyeg.org.

  • Detailed CV,

  • A comprehensive motivation letter, explaining how your experiences match the profile, what you think you can contribute to FYEG and your vision on the role of a European political youth organization.

  • A copy or scan of your passport AND (if you are not Belgian resident) a copy or scan of a proof of residence (either from your local authorities or a water/electricity/phone bill in your name showing your address).

  • The contact details of two references, preferably employers, supervisors or tutors.

Please bear in mind that your CV, your motivation letter and your plans outline will be publicly available to all MOs and delegates at the GA.


Further requirements and procedure:

  • A committee for a pre-selection of the candidates will be set up. The committee will consist of 4 people: a current EC member, a former office coordinator, one full MO representative and a 4th member (NGO professional worker).

  • Only applications including all required documents and sent before the given deadline will be examined taking into consideration both political and professional skills of the candidate. The following week candidates will be given a written assignment followed by a phone interview if possible.

  • The committee will assess the candidates’ experience and skills.

  • Candidates will be given a month to campaign and are expected to present themselves at the GA. The final decision on the Secretary General of FYEG lies with the final vote of the GA of the organisation.

  • In case a candidate is not recommended by the committee, she or he will still be able to apply for the position and present her/himself at the GA, but the candidacy will not be endorsed by the EC.

  • We expect all the candidates to attend the GA. Candidates’ travel costs will be reimbursed if they have been positively assessed by pre-selection committee.


For enquiries regarding this position, please contact office@fyeg.org.