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Call for Financial Control Committee Members

The Financial Control Committee (FCC) is responsible for the internal control of the FYEG finances. The FCC must be gender-balanced, consisting of 2 individuals, who meet in Brussels once a year to check the FYEG finances. Their mandate is of two years.

We are currently looking for male candidates to fill one male seat at Financial Control Committee.



The FCC tasks include:

  • A yearly meeting, dedicated to checking FYEG's finances. The FCC should also verify the adequacy of the expenses and the congruence of the expenses with the resolutions taken by the EC and the general assembly.

  • A written report of this meeting must be submitted to the EC, thereby providing an internal audit.

  • The presentation of this yearly report to the delegates at the GA.

Profile of a candidate:

  • Experience with NGO finances.

  • At least an intermediate knowledge of the English language (written and oral) is necessary.

  • No financial or professional state of dependence towards FYEG.

  • Knowledge of FYEG and understanding of its financial situation .

  • Experience with EU funding, financial administration and/or financial management and Belgian legislation is a big advantage.

  • These positions are voluntary, so please note that the positions are unpaid. But presence at the FCC meeting will be fully reimbursed.




Applications should contain a motivation letter and a support letter of an FYEG member organisation. Applications should be sent to office@fyeg.org. Questions related to the positions can be sent to the treasurer (jm@fyeg.org). The deadline for applying for the financial control committee is April 27th 2017 midnight CET.