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Call for Delegates Young Green Forum - CANCELLED

The Federation of Young European Greens will organise the Young Green Forum (Member Organisations Forum) in Brussels, Belgium on 14 and 15 March 2020. As approved in the 2019-2020 Activity Plan, the Member Organisations Forum (MO Forum) is planned as a meeting of the representatives from the political and organizational work areas of Member Organisations and it is the substitute of the former Strategic Planning Meeting and will function as a prelude to our General Assembly.

It is an opportunity for FYEG Member Organisations to get together and work towards increasing the political outreach and the organisational capacity of our network and share information with and among Young Green Organisations across Europe.

The Young Green Forum will give us the space to deepen our talks regarding FYEG as an organization and its structures, it will also provide space to receive input from Member Organizations regarding the political, strategic and educational direction that FYEG should follow in the upcoming year.

FYEG Executive Committee invites each observer, candidate and full member organisation to nominate a two person delegation from their Board or Secretariat (for example international officers, spokespeople, secretary generals or office coordinators).

FYEG will cover travel, accommodation and food expenses of the delegates. Second delegates of Member Organisations will only get reimbursed if at least one of the two delegate identify as a woman, trans or gender queer person.

Delegates are expected to arrive before 14 March Saturday at 09.00 am and leave anytime on 16 March Monday. We will provide accommodation and light dinner on 13 March Friday evening and breakfast on 16 March Monday.

Please read the financial conditions carefully before registering for the event. The travel costs will only be reimbursed if they comply with the financial conditions.

In case of having problems with arriving/leaving time, finding affordable tickets, needing a visa to enter Belgium or having any other questions, please contact office@fyeg.org.

Delegates need to register by 20 February Thursday at midnight CET by filling out this form.

This training is organised with the financial support of the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament.