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Call for Delegates: Taking the Fight for a Green Europe! (CLOSED)


We invite representatives of FYEG Member, Candidate and Observer Organisations (MOs) to a Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM), which will take place from 7 to 10 December in Leuven, close to Brussels, in Belgium. FYEG's Working Groups as well as the Ecosprinter Editorial Board are also welcome to nominate a representative.


What will this Strategic Planning Meeting be about?

This Strategic Planning Meeting carries the slogan "Taking the Fight for a Green Europe!" We intend to focus on our aims for the 2019 European elections and what FYEG's campaign should look like. Additionally, we will discuss internal structural matters such as voting and gender equality as well as contexts that frame debates around basic income and the European political situation concerning Israel and Palestine.

How to prepare?

The Executive Committee strongly encourages all MOs to share some ideas and aspirations they have for the European project and the European elections. We ask for contributions in three fields:

  1. Which topics are the most important to address from a Young Green perspective on a European level?
  2. What aims might your MO have for the European elections (candidates, topics, other)?
  3. What kind of support do you expect from FYEG in the run-up to the elections and during the campaign?

If you want us to take some of your views on these issues into account in the preparation of the SPM, we encourage you to fill in the relevant fields in the registration form.


How to participate?

Every MO (Full, Candidate, Observer) is entitled to one delegate at the SPM. Each of FYEG's Working Groups and the Ecosprinter Editorial Board can also send an observer to the meeting.

We kindly ask all MOs and internal bodies of FYEG that intend to nominate someone for this meeting to reflect upon gender diversity of your representatives at FYEG statutory meetings before nominating your representative in order to ensure that our meetings are diverse and inclusive.

Registration is done by filling in the form here.


Delegates and observers will be fully reimbursed for their travel and visa expenses to Brussels and back, within a limit communicated to the delegates and observers by FYEG Office once the nominated person's registration has been confirmed by FYEG.


FYEG will provide accommodation and meals on the spot.


Arrival is expected by the evening of Thursday 7 December. We will have dinner and informal programme starting at 19:00. The programme will end on Sunday 10 December at 13:00.


Any practical questions related to the registration process may be communicated to office@fyeg.org.


Deadline for registration is 20 November at midnight CET. If you are nominated earlier, we encourage you to register earlier so you can get a confirmation from FYEG Office and proceed with booking your travel.