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Call for Campaign Team member [CLOSED]

FYEG is looking for one additional campaign team member to join the ranks of the Campaign Team (CT) for the European elections in 2019.

The CT was formally established in Fall 2017 and was presented to the MOs at the Strategic Planning Meeting in December 2017. The CT currently consists of:

  • 3 MO representatives: Chloé Berthélémy (écolo j), Iris Nibbering (DWARS), Mina Tolu (ADZ)
  • 2 Executive Committee representatives: Sam Murray, Zuzana Pavelková
  • the Secretary General: Teo Comet

We are looking for one additional MO representative to join our ranks. As a CT member you will represent FYEG’s Member Organisations in the development of FYEG’s European elections campaign. The CT has the responsibility to coordinate the drafting of the content and the strategy of the campaign together with the EC and the Office, with regular input and feedback from the MOs. The CT is bound by the campaign concept presented and adopted by the MOs at FYEG GA in May 2018. The CT meets weekly and conducts most of its work online. There will be a real-life meeting of the CT in Brussels on 11-13 January 2018. It is very important that as a new CT member you are in a position to attend the real life meeting. It is required that candidates are put forward by their member organisation. Thus, it is not possible to apply on an individual basis. Each MO may nominate up to one nominee to the CT. We encourage MOs to also nominate people who might not have been closely involved in FYEG lately, if they have developed strong campaigning skills (strategic thinking, data analysis, storytelling, etc) in their MO. Details can be provided in the motivation and nomination letters. We aim to have a CT that is regionally balanced and welcome applications from members of disadvantaged groups!

Profile of candidates

  • Willing to be part of the Campaign Team until the European Elections in May 2019
  • Able to contribute around 10 hours per week to the CT until May 2019
  • Able to travel occasionally, mostly on weekends
  • Good teamworking skills
  • Has experience in developing campaigns, preferably in their own MO
  • Has been part of the implementation of a campaign
  • Has a working level of the English language


  • Data collection and analysis, research on successful campaigns 
  • Design the campaign together with the EC and the Office
  • Produce drafts for campaign strategy
  • Making sure the MOs are included in each stage of the process

What we offer

  • The opportunity to work for a dynamic, youth-powered, and growing European political youth organisation
  • A spring in which you will get familiar with Europe-wide youth organisations
  • A chance to improve your professional, campaign and activist skills and enhance them with hands on experience
  • A possibility to work on a project basis in multicultural and international teams and through this develop your teamwork and leadership skills
  • A lot of hard work and a lot of fun
  • An adventure you’ll never forget!

Please send your motivation letter together with a nomination letter from the MO to zuzana@fyeg.org (with office@fyeg.org in CC) by Sunday, 9 December midnight CET. We apologise for the short delay, which is due to the upcoming Campaign Team meeting.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact office@fyeg.org.