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Call for articles for the Ecosprinter’s printed edition “The Social Rights Issue”


The Ecosprinter, an independent and participatory magazine powered by FYEG, is opening a call for contributors for this year’s printed edition on Social Rights, as a conclusion of the one-year long project Reclaim Your Social Rights! Throughout this project, activists from across Europe met, debated, shared, co-created and hacked around the topic of social rights!

What problems do young people face in Europe today in accessing their social rights? How does the youth advocate for their rights to housing, decent working conditions, education and health? What other obstacles limit their access to these fundamental rights and what consequences arise when young people are left behind by society? 

This Ecosprinter’s printed issue will be a collection of stories, some victorious, some not, from across Europe. The good news: you can contribute to it with yours! Your article can be published in a sleek, cool, and collected design in this year’s printed edition of the Ecosprinter!

So how does this look like in practice?

  • Find your idea! Young people are the ones, together with disadvantaged minorities, who struggle the most with accessing social rights, so there is a lot of topics to choose from!

  • Choose the format you like: story, interview, essay etc.

  • Fill in this form to notify the Ecosprinter Editorial Board that you’re in for the game!

  • Start typing! Ecosprinter articles are usually about 500 to 700 words

  • Send a first draft to ecosprinter@fyeg.org by Monday 25th of November (or as soon as you have it ready!)

  • Pick a good picture of your kick-ass face, as you’ll be shown in the contributors’ section!

  • Finalize the article by December 7th after receiving a feedback of the Editorial Board.

  • That’s it! Then it’s our turn to take care of the design and printing! You will get a personal copy of the Social Rights issue at the first FYEG event you will attend, or someone will bring copies for you from FYEG events! Who needs post when you’ve got a green family?!

This call is open to everyone. Share it far and wide!


The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and the Green European Foundation with the financial support of the European Parliament to the GEF.