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Call for Activists: Ende Gelände

This weekend, thousands of activists are preparing to peacefully block the ongoing mining and burning of coal in Rhineland, Germany, in one of the biggest mass civil disobedience climate actions worldwide.  

Why do we organise?

FYEG’s has taken part in Ende Gelände since it’s first action in 2016. We do this because we see that the climate crisis is already here. That we are losing time. And that to make the changes we need, we are left with no other choice but to step up our game. We are no longer satisfied with the endless delays of political decision-makers on taking action on what is the biggest threat to our future. We are the climate generation, we want action and we take matters in our own hands.

In 2016 when joining Ende Gelände for the first time, we said that in times of paralysed politics, change must come from the bottom, and that Europe needs a strong climate movement and. In 2019 we see this has grown bigger than ever. Climate activism has never been more international. Has never been louder. And has never been younger. As we speak, Ende Gelände is preparing for its biggest action yet with over 6000 activists. At the same time, Fridays For Future will organize its major international strike in Aachen on Friday 21st.

There is more to change than being present in the streets

This spring, the change has come inside of the European Parliament, resulting in the biggest Green Group ever and most Young Green MEPs ever elected. This election result represents a huge responsibility for the Green movement. Never before did we have such a unique opportunity to connect our activism on the streets with bold climate action in parliament. Politics of 2019 can thus become less paralysed than those of 2016. And this is exactly what we are going to do.

This weekend, we are yet again bringing our activists to the Ende Gelände camp. We will be on the streets, we will be joining the protests and we will go in the coal pits. We are here to show our solidarity with the climate movement. Because we recognize that coal exit is still manual work. And that being in the Parliaments is just as important as being in the coal pits. With the kick-off meeting of the UN-climate conference in Madrid (presidency Chile), we will first join the Global Climate Strike on 29th of November and then bring the protest to the next level with our action on the 30th. 

FYEG is offering support to activist groups from Member Organisations travelling to Dresden and will coordinate our international activists in the action:

We will:

  • Help activists with practicalities like travel and accommodation (Ende Gelände couchsurfing)
  • Have green MEPs as parliamentary observers
  • Assist in organising FYEG affinity groups for the action
  • Facillitate direct-translation from German-English for the action trainings and legal workshops
  • Take part and report on social media about Global Climate Strike and Ende Gelände action 

Interested in joining the action or have any questions? Contact Nils via nils@fyeg.org

Let’s keep pushing for Europe fossil free together, in the parliaments and on the streets!

Auf geht’s ab geht’s Ende Gelände!