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Be Brave Summer Camps



FYEG is hosting decentralised summer camps under the common name “Be Brave Summer Camp”. The aim of these summer activities is to pursue more inclusive and democratic interactions, processes and structures among youth-led groups and organisations, as well as learning about the different online and offline tools to advocate for better youth participation in civil society.


The Summer Camps organised as a part of our 2021 Work Plan. The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.


Democracy & Gender Camp (Kyiv, Ukraine) - 24-28 August 2021

This summer camp will be organized and participated by Ukrainian, Belarusian, Latvian and Polish Young Greens and held near Kyiv, Ukraine. 

These countries, though in a different situation — from the dictatorship in Belarus to quite stable EU Member States — have a common history and common struggles participants will explore. The Summer Camp will create a safe space to gain knowledge and skills related to democracy, youth participation in society and politics, and community building in the context of the common heritage of this part of Europe. 

The local organizers will pay particular attention to the issues of feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights, as their marginalization is a problem in all of our countries and mainstreaming these issues is vital to building real European democracy for all.


Ecosocialism to live and to win (Catalonia) - 1-5 September 2021

Joves Ecosocialistes had a surge of new members that are eagerly interested in knowing the participation channels of Cataloniandemocracy, and the political tradition of ecosocialism in Catalonia. This summer camp aims at building a bridge among political and activist areas, through workshops and sessions with top political speakers, educational NGOs, activist movements representatives and communication experts.

This summer camp will increase the visibility of Joves Ecosocialists as a reference for green values and build an effective organizational strategy for youth participation in politics. These two main goals are summarized in the proposed title of the summer camp: to provide a strong green, social and feminist political basis (“ecosocialism to live”) and a strong sense of organization to influence the political process as young people (“ecosocialism to win”).


Taytos & Tatties: A Celtic Reunion (Scotland) - 5 September - 11 September 2021

The summer camp will be organised by Óige Ghlas (Irish Young Greens) and the Scottish Young Greens.

For Scottish Young Greens, the added value of this summer camp is to train participants on how to keep active and get involved in one of the most important years in modern Scottish political history, which will seeCOP26 happening in Glasgow, the local council elections in 2022 and possibly a second Independence Referendum. The joint cooperation with Irish Young Greens is a peculiar opportunity for regional and inter-organisational learning and exchange of skills. 

This summer camp will see a range of workshops on how to run campaigns on a local, national and international level whilst also giving our members the chance to learn from numerous Scottish and Irish speakers on how to become active in climate and social activism.


Be Brave for a Greener Greece (Chania, Greece) - 22 September -26 September 2021

Neoi Prasinoi (Greek Young Greens) will host their decentralized summer camp in Chania, Crete.

In the last 2 decades through the continuous crises (financial, socio-political, refugee/migrant, pandemic), Greece has been affected by a grave brain-drain of young people migrating to other European countries. Meanwhile one can note significant low participation of youth in the political decision-making processes

With this activity, Greek Young Greens aim at empowering youth and youth-led organisations, movements and informal groups in Crete and extension in Greece, with a focus on capacity building and networking. The summer camp will help to educate and empower the members of Neoi Prasinoi, to ensure the sustainability and strengthening of the organisation’s political activism.


Summer Camp for the Green Future (Georgia) - 24 September - 30 September 2021

Young Greens of Georgia, as a newly formed youth wing, organize this summer camp to learn more about the struggles and challenges youth face when it comes to activism, as well as to acquire ne practical skills to fight for democracy and fundamental  rights in Georgia.

The camp will be thematically divided over five days, focusingon how Young Greens of Georgia can become a more efficient and inclusive organisation. It will provide participants with great knowledge and serve as a guide on how to become an influencing power in the local political context, therefore making our activism more productive and focused on the implementation of organisational and political youth strategies.


In addition, we will organise the following activities with the support of the European Green Party:


Agenda 2030 changemakers (Åland Islands) - 11 August 2021

The Young Greens from Sweden (Grön Ungdom), Norway (Grønn Ungdom), and Finland (Vihreät nuoret), together with the green-minden organisation from the Åland Islands ‘Hållbart initiativ’ (‘Sustainable Initiative’ in Swedish), organise a Summer Camp focusing on sustainability and changemaking. The participants will get together a few days before the event in an online activity where they will have the opportunity to get to know each other and start to familiarise with the topics of the summer camp. The 4-day programme includes participatory workshops and inspiring speakers about the Agenda 2030, politics and activism, activities to get to know each other, as well as time to reflect on new learnings and experiences. After some weeks,  the participants will be able to strengthen their ties, reflect on what they have learned in another get-together online event, where they will be encouraged to continue being active and keeping in touch. 

This summer camp is an amazing opportunity for young green activists of these 4 Nordic countries to enhance their network and set up joint strategies in line with their shared values on sustainability and activism.


Les Jeunes Écologistes: 10 years of democracy and youth participation (Poitiers, France) - 24 August 2021

Les Jeunes Écologistes are celebrating their 10th anniversary. First things first: happy birthday and congratulations for your inspiring work throughout the years! For the French Young Greens this is a great opportunity to train their members on democracy and participation, on how to act locally and ultimately recruit people that would not instinctively start to be politically involved. By means of an engaging program and sessions, the French Young Greens will not only learn how to make the organisation more welcoming, feminist and diverse, but they will also dive in their 10 years of story, for knowing about the past is also key to make a better and greener future.

This summer camp is a great opportunity for our young greens in France to charge their batteries and make sure the green wave is still growing across France during the next months.


Greener rural areas (Spain) - November (tbc) 

The rural areas play a key role in the ecological and just transition that young greens across Europe are envisioning. The Spanish Young Greens are organising an event focused on analysing the needs and interests of young people in rural areas in order to create and implement campaigns and actions that include all voices. Besides that, Juventud Verde is also aiming to strengthen its network beyond the urban areas of Spain, ultimately boosting the participation of young greens from rural areas and communities.