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Bayer-Mosanto: Merger from hell

The European Commission has just authorised the merger of the two biotech giants Monsanto and Bayer. This is very bad news for biodiversity, small farmers, our health and our food security. Our health and the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide must not be put into the hands of a single monster company, especially considering the horrendous human rights record of Monsanto.

At the moment the European Union is revisiting their Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Not preventing this giant from hell, gives little to no confidence that the CAP will be transformed into a just plan for all. Local production, funds for small-scale and family farmers and ensuring biodiversity should be at the core. Only then we can ensure a livable world where farmers’ rights and the environment are taken in to consideration.

Contrary to the neoliberal mantra, the free market will not take care of providing everyone with food. What Bayer, Monsanto and Bayer-Monsanto care about is making profits. If that means that food goes to waste, soils deplete and the biodiversity and our climate is at stake doesn’t concern them. On top of that there are countless examples from Latin America and Asia that show that the livelihood and even lives of locals have become in danger by Monsanto. Big corporations need to learn their boundaries in fucking up the world, not be facilitated by the Commission.

Most food today is produced by small-scale farmers, particularly in developing countries. They produce countless species and varieties of food crops, using myriads of farming techniques.The knowledge and skills of these farmers is under threat of being lost when big corporations take over. Especially when we urgently need this diversity as a guarantee and insurance in the face of climate change.

We are very dissapointed by this decision by the European Commission and will continue to follow the developments towards the CAP reform closely. We hope the European Commission will see that we can’t have processed food only in the future. We need a diverse array of crops, produced with different techniques to ensure the food security of the world.