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Advocacy toolkit: #FreeBelarus

During the past two months we have seen people in Belarus taking the streets protesting against the suppression of the rule of law, freedom and democracy. At the doorstep of the EU we have a hybrid autocracy forming before our own eyes. The EU has says it does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the president of Belarus and the elections that took place last August were not fair and free. But that is not enough. We believe that it is our duty to use all of the available resources to preserve democratic values in Europe.

That is why FYEG joined forces with CDNEE to support people of Belarus in their fight for democratic and just society and created an advocacy toolkit that will help us increase international pressure on Lukashenko’s illegitimate government. We invite you to join this action, starting Thursday 15th of October until the end of the month.

What can you do?

  • Take a photo (selfie or other) while making a formal complaint to the embassy via email or phone
  • Post to your social media channels with a message of solidarity of your choice.
  • Use the hashtags #FreeBelarus #YouthForBelarus
  • Tag three other friends to “challenge” them do the same: let's create a wave of solidarity!

How can you do it?

Click here to download the advocay toolkit prepared by FYEG and CDNEE. It includes everything you need to get involved:

  • an e-mail template for the embassadors
  • a phone script
  • contact details of the embassies