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Abortion is Healthcare - Access to Safe Abortions is a Fundamental Right

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Roe v Wade ruling.

This means the legality of abortion is now up to each individual state in the US. 26 US states are expected to now outlaw or heavily restrict abortions.

Each year thousands of people die because of the criminalisation of and lack of access to abortion. Banning abortion only causes greater harm to those who seek it, who then undergo serious health, legal, and financial risks to have an abortion illegally.

Attacks on abortion are part of a larger, coordinated effort. Abortion rights are also under attack in Europe. Poland, for example, has enforced a near-total abortion ban.We stand with everyone whose rights are under attack, no matter where they are.

Fundamental rights are not an option.The EU and the US cannot leave their countries and states with the capability to outlaw abortion