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For 2018 we want people over profit

Will 2018 finally be the year our governments take care of people over profit? 

Since the introduction of cars, the industry has been full of controversy and scandals. From buying and bankrupting public transport systems in major cities to the dieselgate scandal. Big corporations such as Volkswagen don't back down from anything and will always choose profit over public health. 

The recent report showing that Volkswagen tested their exhaust fumes on monkeys and humans is just one more in the long line of scandals. Monkeys were put in cages, forced to watch cartoons and to inhale exhaust fumes for hours at a time. This research was part of a long-term strategy where medical experts were employed by the company to play down the health hazards of diesel fumes. 

Yesterday, Volkswagen fired their chief PR officer, a former strategist of Angela Merkel. Links between major political parties and the car industry is not surprising either, but unfortunately, something that has happened many times before. The infringement of big corporates in our governments somehow got as accepted as people inhaling toxic fumes on a daily basis. 

This has to stop. We call upon the European Parliament to stop protecting the car industry and take the concerns of the people serious. Politicians are supposed to represent the people, not the corporations. 

For 2018 we would like to propose the following: 

Democracy > Capitalism

Public health > profit

People > companies