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10 Years of the Istanbul Convention - Facts and Fights

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the Istanbul Convention. We are celebrating the groundbreaking protocol and we are fighting for it to stay relevant in all European countries. The Convention was drafted by the Council of Europe to combat violence against women and domestic violence. To this day, 45 European countries and the EU have signed up. Its main purpose is to protect women from violence and prevent domestic violence.

Two main statements lead the Istanbul Convention:

  1. Violence against women and domestic violence are human rights violations.
  2. There can be no real equality between men and women if women experience violence on a large scale.

In the last few years, right-wing governments have used the Istanbul Convention to claim lies and promote falsehoods. They say that the convention promotes LGBTIQ+ education and is violating their traditional family values which is wrong. The convention has one task only: the prevention of violence against women and domestic violence. They say their state’s sovereignty is under attack which is wrong. This is only a tactic to further their anti-Western, anti-Women and anti-LGBTIQ+ agenda and have a scapegoat they can blame.

Erdogan has ordered to leave the Istanbul Convention. Poland and Hungary are increasing their attacks on the convention whilst the United Kingdom and Latvia haven’t even ratified the convention.

Our rights are under attack but we will march on the streets, we will protest and we will demand accountability!

Our fight is for the rights of women, for the LGBTIQ+ communities and for human rights!

We call on Erdogan to withdraw the Executive order!

We call on Poland and Hungary to not even think about leaving the convention and to stop their attacks!

We call on the United Kingdom and Latvia to finally ratify the Istanbul Convention!